Our music team building events send us to locations throughout the United States and the rest of the world. We’re on the road a lot and we like it that way. Travel is exciting and as musicians, we find creative inspiration with the change of scene and new experience that travel affords us.

New experience opens the mind and can be a catalyst to innovative thinking. One of the foundational aspects of our corporate team building events program is to help you experience innovation in a fun, step-by-step process that will inspire you to bring creative problem solving to your daily work life. We make sure to stay inspired ourselves so we can bring that energy to you.

Hold On, We’re Coming!

We were founded in Nashville, TN (Music City) by our company president, Billy Kirsch. Billy is typical of many hit songwriters who found success in Nashville, in that his musical background is diverse. That diversity has made it easy for us to grow by accommodating the musical tastes of our clients and the specific requests our clients have for programs that take place in a variety of locations.

For example, when we facilitated a program for a large bank in Atlanta, we made sure that the original music we brought to our client’s songwriting program reflected the urban music that is a part of ATL tradition. When we brought our Team Building Through Song® program to an automotive company in Detroit, we used music inspired by the Motown sound. Drawing on our core of talent in major cities, we don’t put geographic boundaries on where we work.

Here are highlights from just a few of the many cities we work in:

From Los Angeles and New York to London and Switzerland, we’ll travel where we’re needed to make sure your team building event is a powerful and enjoyable experience.

We Focus on Team Building Events With ROInspiration®

Here at Kidbilly Music, we don’t think about return on investment in a traditional way. We chase what inspires us, knowing that by pursuing great ideas we’ll figure something out that leads to success. We take time to play, to allow ourselves to dream and even waste time; seeing where a road or an idea will lead us. We don’t pre-define all our projects and pursuits by trying to assess return on investment before we begin. Doing so can stifle innovation. Don’t get us wrong; we’re all about profitability – we have to be to stay in business. But we’ve learned that chasing inspiration leads to innovation and innovation leads to being a market leader. Now who doesn’t want that?!?  When you dare to pursue return on inspiration it will lead to the concept of ROI you may be more familiar with.

Our corporate team building events allow you time to play, to tap into your creativity to become better problem solvers and to experience first hand how to chase inspiration with success. Through story and song, you’ll experience going from a blank canvas to an idea to a finished product, your song. You’ll catch a bit of our innovative can do spirit when you work with us. And you can carry that back to your daily work life on both a team and individual level.

Naturally Collaborative Events

Forced collaboration doesn’t work. And honestly, it’s just not fun. Our corporate events are authentically fun and accessible. One of our clients said it best when she mentioned that “you delivered an out-of-your-comfort-zone activity that’s instantly comfortable for all.”  We’re not going to drag you into an uncomfortable situation or single anyone out. We start the team songwriting process by asking questions that anyone on your team could answer. We ask questions that will help you share ideas about the work you do, to talk about what differentiates your company and help you come up with your own story in a compelling way. Once people start sharing and swapping ideas, the collaboration gets easier for everyone. We’ve found that with both small and large groups, ideas flow through the room and energy builds as broad themes and small specifics become great song lyrics. Combine those original lyrics with great music and you’ll have a hit song on your hands. Best of all, you’ll have created it together as a team.

From Local To Global – Music Resonates

It’s a bit cliche to say that music is the universal language, but like all good cliches it’s true. Music quickly builds bridges. For example, two people from opposite sides of the globe may begin to talk and discover they share the same favorite band or song. A shared musical memory like that creates comfort and eliminates distance. Some of our clients have created songs with one verse is in English, another verse in Spanish and another in French. During our team song performances, a multi-lingual lyric gives everyone a chance to shine and even show off a little bit!

The Power Of A Great Event

There’s power in co-creation. The excitement of doing something new, doing it together and succeeding is contagious. That contagious energy is what you want to take away from a team building event. No, we’re not going to be able to change your corporate culture permanently through a half day event. Anyone who tells you they can do that is exaggerating, to say the least. But a great program can be a catalyst that re-energizes your team. A great program can re-connect you with your ‘why’ and your mission. It can re-connect team members with the positive attributes they share and open lines of communication. And this experience can jump start a stalled team, or for a high performing, reinforce the great work they’re already doing.

When you work with us, you’ll have the added bonus of powerful take-aways in the songs you create. We were on a flight to an event in Los Angeles a few years ago and we ran into the marketing director of a company we’d worked for. He was returning from the company’s annual meeting. He told us that the CEO opened that annual meeting by having everyone stand up and sing the song they’d written at their team building event two years prior. The songs you create will continue to be catalysts that help you aspire to be the organization you’d like to be.