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Every recording artist who releases a new song makes a music video to go with it. So it’s natural that as part of your Team Building Through Song® event, you may want to create your own music video. Our music video team building program is lots of fun, with powerful take-aways. You’ll create your company song and then make your own music video.

How it Works

The music video program begins with our team song session. Led by our award winning hit songwriter-leaders, teams will create and record original songs. 

For the video part of the program, there are two options. One option is a brief add-on to your songwriting. With simple props and a good camera, we’ll shoot video of your team performing your song. For the second option you’ll take a deeper dive into video production. You’ll plan a story line, learn techniques to develop your video, perform and film.

Will it work for you?
  • Agenda times range from two hours to a full day.
  • This works for one team or multiple teams working independently.
  • Locations are flexible, limited only by your imagination.


From Fortune 100’s to small businesses, every team needs team building.
We’re looking forward to the final video to share with the rest of our NBCU Team across the company. Billy, thank you again. We stopped for dinner and drinks after and the feedback from the group was so positive! You and Dave were great with us.
Lisa Lucas, VP, NBCU Entertainment Group Ad Sales
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Program Details

Part 1 – Team Songwriting

Prior to every event we work with you to understand your group dynamics and target specific goals.

Our hit songwriter-facilitators introduce the program and perform for you, to set the tone and get everyone going.

Everyone quickly gets involved. As inhibitions melt away you’ll share ideas and themes about the work you do. Those ideas become the foundation for our song lyrics. Led by our fun and fantastic facilitators, you’ll put your lyric ideas to music, creating your own unique song.

When your song is complete, everyone joins in as we sing and record your masterpiece.

You don’t have to be a singer or have musical experience to love this program, which invites participation, engagement and collaboration.

Part 2 – Making Your Music Video

There are a couple of options within our music video team building program; from simple to elaborate.

The music video performance and filming can be a short add-on to your group song session. We’ll provide the camera and props. We’ll coach you on performance as we shoot video of your team in action.

OR – If you have a few hours more: You’ll plan, film and perform your music video as a short movie. We’ll provide the cameras and a coach to guide you. Everyone on your team will have roles; such as director, camera operators, wardrobe and choreographers. As you film your music video song performance, you’ll be joined by the songwriter-facilitator who helped you write your song.

After the event, we’ll edit your video and send you a completed movie!

Contact us now to learn more about music video team building.

You Don’t Have To Be An Extrovert!

Most of our clients do not have musical experience. This group process brings everyone along from start to finish. By the time your team has completed your song, you’ll want to be a part of your group’s performance.

No one is ever singled out or put on the spot.

As for the creative part; everyone is inherently creative. It’s our job to bring that out in all of you. And we will!
We’re a small company that delivers big. We’ve spent our lives successfully pursuing creative endeavors, winning awards along the way, working with the famous and not so famous, passionately sharing our insights, humor, and dedication to the value of team building with music
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Billy Kirsch
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Led by hit songwriters, our music video team building program is a fun, interactive event. Create your company song and then make your own music video!