Making a music video is a great team building activity. Our music video program combines the best of our songwriting events with the making of a performance video. We’ll help you write your song and perform it. Then we’ll capture it all as a lasting takeaway.

You don’t have to be musical and you don’t have to be a performer to enjoy this event. It’s productive, it’s fun, and it’s accessible for everyone.

How it Works

Our hit songwriters lead you through a group process as you share ideas, brainstorm lyrics and work together to create something great, your original song.

For the music video part of the program, there are two options. 

  • Option 1 is a brief add-on to your songwriting. With simple props and a good camera, we’ll shoot video of your team performing your song.
  • Option 2 takes a deeper dive into production. You’ll plan a story line, learn techniques to develop your video, perform and film.
Will it work for you?
  • Agenda times range from ninety minutes to a full day.
  • Great for one team or multiple teams.
  • Locations are flexible, limited only by your imagination.


From Fortune 100’s to small businesses, every team needs team building.
We’re looking forward to the final video to share with the rest of our NBCU Team across the company. Billy, thank you again. We stopped for dinner and drinks after and the feedback from the group was so positive! You and Dave were great with us.
Lisa Lucas, VP, NBCU Entertainment Group Ad Sales
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More About Our Music Video Program

Writing the song – We begin every program by creating context for you. We’ll help you understand that even if you don’t identify as creative, you still have lots of creativity. And you’re using your creativity every time you have to solve a problem. There’s relevancy and context to help everyone connect our program with their day to day work lives.

Your initial challenge, (problem to solve), is to write a song. We make it easy, starting with conversation. We’ll help you verbalize big themes, small ideas and everything in between. Along the way, we’ll find your main message, a catchy title or hook; that memorable bit of ear candy that makes a song a hit!

As your lyric takes shape we’ll be putting your ideas to music. There’s never pressure to perform but experience tells us, you’ll want to take part. We draw you into this slowly and by the time your song takes shape you’ll be engaged, without fear. This always works. Once your song is finished, we’ll rehearse just a little bit. We’re not looking for perfection, just participation!

Making the music video – At every one of our programs people always shoot impromptu video on their smart phones. Here we take it one step further. After your initial team building through song activity, we’ll set up our video shoot, help you get comfortable and capture it all in great quality.

There are props to be had. For example, tambourines, egg shakers, a harmonica and maybe some sun glasses. We’ll coach you to help, but we keep this loose. The most important thing is being genuine and having fun. You want your favorite musical artists to be authentic. We’ll help achieve that same type of communication with your audience.

After a run through or two, we’ll shoot video of your team performing. Post event we’ll sync video to your audio recording and send you the finished product.

The long version – On occasion, we have clients looking for programs to fill most of a day long event. If this is you, we can spend more time on video production. We’ll work with you in the morning to create your group song. After a lunch break, we’ll gather back together to come up with a story board for your music video. Everyone on your team can have roles; such as director, camera operators, wardrobe and choreographers.

Making a video for a song is not like making a film. The goal is to capture the spirit of your music without being literal. You can loosely follow or hint at the story your song lyric tells. Or you can be abstract and focus more on musical performance. This gives everyone creative freedom to come up with a video plan that fits your mood and your team’s talents. We want you to be challenged…and we want you to succeed. We know how to make that happen.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

You Don’t Have To Be A Star To Make A Video

You don’t have to be an extrovert or artistic. Here’s a little secret. Many, well-known performers are introverts. The people hanging back at parties or hiding behind their smart phones at conferences are often the people who shine in a performance setting.

One of the best things about our music video team building is seeing participants evolve from hesitancy to complete engagement. You’ll take pride in the work you do. And like any worthwhile endeavor it does start with work. Songwriting may not feel like work, but you’ll following a process and working through a methodology to achieve results.

By the time your song is complete everyone in your group will have ownership. You’ll have ownership in not only the work that was done, but also the finished product. In this case the finished product is a fun, cool, song. You’re going to want to share this song. This is where the introvert to performer transition takes place.

When you have a strong desire to share your work, that desire overcomes the fear. But honestly, fear is too strong a word for any aspect of our song programs. You’ll be part of a group and everyone is in the same boat. You’ll all work together with the same level of skill and preparation or lack of preparation and that is quite okay! You’ll celebrate success as a team. After all, writing a song and making a performance video is a real accomplishment.

Music makes us feel good. It brings out community. We go to concerts to have fun and connect with a positive part of ourselves. When you create your own song and make your own music video you’ll share those feelings.

Be your own band, be your own show – and be your own destination.
We’re a small company that delivers big. We’ve spent our lives successfully pursuing creative endeavors, winning awards along the way, working with the famous and not so famous, passionately sharing our insights, humor, and dedication to the value of team building with music
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