Welcome to team building through song. What is it? It’s team building you don’t have to hate! It’s genuine, it’s fun, and universally relatable. Because after all, music is an important part of everyone’s life. Led by Grammy award winning hit songwriters, you’ll create and record songs that will motivate and inspire your entire organization.

You don’t have to be a singer or an extrovert. You only have to suspend disbelief and show up. We use music team building to make you comfortable and make you laugh. We’ll bring you a collaborative, creative activity that gets results. It’s an event people enjoy and one they remember.

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How the Program Works

We begin with an entertaining musical performance and spoken introduction. This sets the stage, provides context and warms everyone up.

After our program introduction, each team works with a songwriter-facilitator. During these fun, guided sessions, we’ll lead you through conversation that evolves into lyric ideas and lyrics that become your original songs.

When your songs are complete you’ll perform, record and maybe even win awards of your own. There’s opportunity to sing, to play percussion and more. But there’s never pressure to perform.

Will it work for you?
  • Our programs range from small groups to large conferences.
  • Agenda times range from 30 minutes to half-day events and occasionally longer.
  • Locations include hotels, conference centers, offices, recording studios and more.

client success stories

From Fortune 100’s to small businesses, every organization needs team building.
We had everyone out of their chairs and on stage singing and cheering. It was truly successful teambuilding for bringing folks together. I got great feedback from the team and they want to do it again. It’s safe to say this program was the highlight of the week and helped us make our spirit come to life!
– Heather DeMyers, Director, Strategy & Business Development, US Hematology Franchise, Novartis Oncology
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Tell your story, sing your song – Songs tell stories and every organization, be it an association or a company, has a story to tell. We’ll work with you before your program to learn about your goals and who you are. We’ll ask the right questions to get your lyric writing headed in the right direction. For example; what differentiates your organization? what do you do? how do you contribute to your organization’s success? We draw participants in through a step by step process that gets an incredibly high level of buy-in.

Record and Perform – When you finish the songwriting, each team records and then everyone gathers together for performances with awards. Performances often take place immediately following the team songwriting sessions or they can be more elaborate shows on stage during an evening dinner or awards event. Whether simple or elaborate, performances are always fun as teams take the stage to share what they’ve done.

Create powerful take-aways Music team building is definitely a niche. The initial reason to do this is because it’s fun, it’s genuine and it’s productive. The experience is a blast and our sessions build camaraderie and trust.

But there’s an added bonus in the original songs you write and record. These are lasting take aways – catchy, memorable masterpieces to share and keep long after your team event is a memory.

Comfortable Challenge – If this sounds scary, it’s not! You’ll be part of a group and you’ll be proud of what you’ve done. You’ll be led by an amazing songwriter performer who will give you confidence and make you feel comfortable on stage. You’ll go way beyond comfortable; you’ll be totally engaged. And a little good natured competition goes a long way toward driving enthusiasm. We’re always amazed at the energy teams bring to their performances.

Your songs will be available for download after your event. And who knows, you just may write your next company jingle!

We enjoy working with groups of all sizes. Our sessions run the gamut from programs for small teams to large conference programs. While we work most often in US and Canada, we’ve led our programs in UK, Switzerland, France, Germany and more. In fact we have a team of bi-lingual songwriters who expand our reach.

A Team Program Built For You

So many companies promise individual attention and customization but fail to deliver. In our case, crafting a program just for you is part of our DNA. We like to be flexible and we love to help you succeed.

Using music as a foundation for team building is different – and clients are always looking for something new. But it’s not enough to be different! We have to be good and we take that seriously. From start to finish, we make each program fun, comfortable, productive and exciting.

Before every event, we take time to learn about our clients. We want to know why you’re doing this. We’ll learn about your organization and about your specific goals for your event. We embark on a truly creative process with you. We don’t know what your songs will be, because they haven’t been written yet! So we’re right there in it with you as we help you go from blank canvas to finished song.

We bring in original music for each team. After our opening performance and introduction, the conversation begins. You’ll discuss big themes, small ideas, goals and challenges. Those ideas become catchy titles, energetic song choruses and verses full of character. There’s always lots of interaction and laughter as participants take their ideas and make them rhyme with the previous lines as your song takes shape.

As you perform and record your original songs, there’s opportunity to sing, to play percussion instruments, harmonicas or our nice looking air guitars. We’ve seen CFO’s working dance moves in front of hundreds of people. And while there’s never pressure on anyone to perform, you can see from the videos here on our website, people get into this.

About Our Clients

We’re a small and personal company, but we deliver on a big scale. Looking at our list of clients over the past few years, we’re even surprised by the depth and breadth of our client base.

We’ve touched every industry, from pharma and tech companies in Silicon Valley to eduction, media, airlines marketing, grocery, real estate, investment firms. You name the industry, we’ve worked in it. We’ve written songs with design specialists from Apple Computer, with managers from Ford Motors, with leaders at L’Oreal, researchers at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, accountants from Deloitte, small privately owned companies and many non-profit organizations.

When the leadership group from Walt Disney Imagineers needed a team building program to help them with their own creative process, guess who they called? Yep, the Kidbilly Music crew…we did that.

The commonality with all our clients is that they understand the importance of workforce engagement and the power of innovate thinking. They understand the value of bringing in fun and creativity as a catalyst to energize and coalesce everyone within an organization. And lofty goals aside, sometimes fun is enough. Sharing genuine experience really does help working groups bond and build trust. Fun and genuine experience is foundational to every program we deliver.

Every once in a while a potential client will ask us if we can guarantee ROI from our team building through song programs. My reply is “No, I don’t have metrics or other tricks to prove that kind of ROI.” But we can promise a different kind of ROI that’s equally important. We call it, ROInspiration®. It’s real, it’s relevant and we’ll show you how to connect inspiration with return on investment.

We’ve performed with and created music for artists ranging from Keith Urban, Steve Wonder, Blake Shelton, Jefferson Starship, Faith Hill and many more. But most importantly we love the challenge and the immediacy of helping our clients create their own hits.

What is music team building? It’s just what you need.

We’re a small company that delivers big. We’ve spent our lives successfully pursuing creative endeavors, winning awards along the way, working with the famous and not so famous, passionately sharing our insights, humor, and dedication to the value of team building with music
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