Kidbilly was the perfect capstone to our work session – a fun and inspiring way to sum up who we are and want to be, all to a hip melody. They did a great job of creatively leading our group of high level executives, as well as effectively managing all the opinions and lyrical suggestions. This songwriting process is a clever way to really reach the heart of your team! In one word – magic! I have already recommended him to others.
Disney Imagineering

Thanks so much to you and Victoria for today – we absolutely loved the program! I will definitely be recommending you to other teams here at Spotify. Job well done! 
– Sarah Vigrass, Senior Products Insight Manager, Spotify

music team building testimonials

The Microsoft team had a great time with the experience of songwriting and learning about how harmoniously they could work together. It was amazing to watch the groups create similar themed songs in such different unique ways and with differing song styles. Thank you so much! You made the planning process seamless and provided an incredible once in a lifetime experience for the Microsoft SLGE Team!
Sara Baeth, Manager, Client Services & Logistics, Meeting Solutions – Microsoft

Thank you so much for the session today. It was a perfect way to end our week. Everyone in the group enjoyed the session, the feedback has been great. I’ll be sending other groups your way.
Brandon Chu, Head of Global Supply Demand Execution, Apple

The team had a great evening, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and ended up with something very tangible & memorable which really embodies the whole team. Now 6 months later this is still showing valuable impact. The song was picked up by the communications team and they plan on using it as part of an event they are doing internally. We are using it in team meetings to bring back the positive feelings and stay focused. Thank you for all your help in making this happen.
– Fiona Gardiner PhD PMP, Director, Global Franchise Project Management, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Here at Southwest Airlines we thoroughly enjoy opportunities to not only bond with our co-workers but to laugh – after all Fun-LUVing attitudes are what we are known for! Out of all the team building exercises we have done, this one was by far the most entertaining! The experience that Kidbilly and his team create is extremely creative and unique and certainly provides laughs along the way! Our goal for this activity was to find an enjoyable way to build teamwork and camaraderie within our department; Kidbilly far surpassed our expectations. The group had so much fun thinking of song lyrics, that even when the activity was over, the creative juices never stopped flowing and in fact, the group was sad that our time was up!
– Chelsea McGough, Marketing, Southwest Airlines

This program enabled our potential recruits and our staff to come together and share information and questions about PwC – learning and laughing along the way. Everyone came away excited about our company and accounting in general. It was a great way to introduce our leadership program.
– Katharine Appel, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

I was in a panic to find something cool/unique/engaging for our Global Sales Meeting that had to be virtual. We had around 140 people from all over the globe & every single person had a BLAST! I received over 100 emails thanking me for the fabulous and creative team building event! This two hours was worth every single penny and MORE! If you are thinking of something super fun for your company, get in touch with Kidbilly ASAP!
– Tiffany Wilkinson | Specialist, Business Administration, Sales Office & Event Management, Ethoca-MasterCard

We were concerned about going virtual but this was great. The team loved this program! We have done many over the years but this one was special. Everyone has asked if they can share the videos with their family and friends. We will be sure to spread this around Roche and will highly recommend it! 
Linda Covill, Strategic Workflow Manager, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun and engaging afternoon of songwriting! You were right, you didn’t make us look bad, instead you made us shine! I’ll happily recommend you to other Bridgestone groups as well. Thanks again, we had a lot of fun!
– Katie Allen, Senior Marketing Manager, Bridgestone

A wonderful and effective way to open our off-site meeting…Your opening remarks captured the audience… attendees actively participated in the song-building session…and the final performances were amazing and fun! Thanks for going the extra mile to ensure the session had maximum impact for us. And for the Kidbilly team, it was very clear this was a labor of love!
– Vic Pianese, Manager, Unilever IT Business Partners – NA Finance

The team had a blast, and it was a really fun way of helping us learn what it means to be on Energy Transition. The songwriting and singing was a huge success! A couple of folks asked how we came up with this brilliant idea afterwards. The online participation was just as great as with our in-person attendees. Many thanks!
– Lauren Anderson, Senior Director, Energy Transition Operations, Environmental Defense Fund

I can’t thank you enough for what your team of musicians added to our event. Thursday was a long day for everyone involved and we truly ended it on a high note with the song-building competition. You have a very talented group of facilitators and the overall experience went way beyond our expectations. Your attention to our answers to the questionnaire you sent did not go unnoticed, and you really knocked it out of the park with “problem solving via creativity,” as the theme. Thank you, again!
– Anna McNally, Marketing Specialist, Red Bull

Truly, a fantastic session. It was really an empowering and expressive creative experience for us. I appreciate your flexibility and partnership with us during the process. Our songwriter leader, Rusty, was amazing!
– Jennifer White, Senior Director, Global Learning and Talent Development at Hilton Worldwide

Thanks again for yesterday. I must confess I’ve listened to my iPhone recording of the song and I’m really loving it. And the group has been sending an email chain around saying the Impressionist Family singers now need to be fitted for costumes and will take the show on the road!
– Deb Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Talent Development, Worldwide Human Resources, Sotheby’s

Thank you again for the great team building event. It’s safe to say it was the highlight of the week. Your guys are truly awesome to work with and you helped us make our spirit come to life! We had everyone out of their chairs and on stage singing and cheering. It was truly successful teambuilding for bringing folks together. I got great feedback from the team and they want to do it again. In fact, the winning song we chose from our event has become our “anthem” for our franchise and we sang it again at our last meeting.
Heather DeMyers, Director, Strategy & Business Development, US Hematology Franchise, Novartis Oncology

Thank you so much. Expect more business from Dell. Everyone was so impressed by this team building activity, this has been spreading like wild fire! I have already sent your information to two other departments within Dell. We had a fabulous time!
Mary VanErem, Dell Technologies

Thank you so much for sending the songs. They sound great and we appreciate it! You were all FANTASTIC and are all extremely TALENTED! Everyone was impressed by your group.
– Lila Tesch, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Some of the comments I heard from our leaders were, “I didn’t realize my colleagues were so talented”; “this is the most fun I’ve had with my teammates in a long time”; “Billy and his team were awesome to work with!” What was most noticeable as I ventured from room to room was the camaraderie and laughter that was shared by our employees. Our company’s CEO thought this was one of the best team building activities he had ever seen. I applaud your talent and appreciate your ability to help strengthen our leadership. If I could nominate you for a Grammy for the following: talent, creativity, ability to deliver and just plain fun…you’d definitely sweep all of the categories!
– Kerry Schrader, HR Director, Noranda Aluminum

Lauren, this was so incredible. It is almost surreal how you were able to manage a group of women, share our thoughts in a kind and neutral manner, put thoughts on paper then transform this conversation into music. You have a very special talent, Kidbilly is lucky to have you.
– Rose Davis, National Sales Manager, Comcast Spotlight & Board Of Directors, Women In Numbers(WIN)

Everyone LOVED the experience and are still talking about it. We accomplished every outcome we had hoped for from the meeting, and your piece was a key aspect that helped bring some emotion and fun into the session. Thanks for all your hard work and support!
– Greg Hicks, Vice President, HR, Cigna

I have run events for the last 15 years and I am always looking for innovative and exciting content. This year I wanted to emphasize collaboration amongst our sales and marketing team. The Kidbilly team, through music, created a session that enabled exactly that. The session was fun, exciting, challenging and liberating all in equal measure. Billy read the audience very well and ensured that the session was fast paced and included everybody – over 120 people which is no small task. After the team building session the songwriters did a half an hour concert for us – an absolute joy to listen to. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending this event to anyone.
– Jeremy Cooper, CSO, Hobsons, Education Solutions Company

It’s a true pleasure to recommend Kidbilly Music! They are an exceptional partner who believes in whatever it takes and exceeding expectations. From team building through song that engages all delegates and empowers their creative voices, to songwriting, coaching and out of the box solutions. It was a pleasure partnering with him and creating an exceptional event that fostered better teams, gave back to the community and offered out of your comfort zone fun that became very comfortable for all.
– Dahlton Bennington, CMP, Director Business Meeting Services, SFN Group

We hosted our annual All Hands company event and coordinated with Kidbilly Music to facilitate our team building. To say Kidbilly crushed it is an understatement. Everyone participated, from the CEO to our interns, and the songs our teams wrote and performed are amazing. Thank you so much, Billy and team, for driving our folks toward creative collaboration, camaraderie, and positive storytelling (which was the unofficial theme of our entire retreat)! You and your team are ridiculously talented – We have heard from so many people that they were uncertain when they first heard the plan for the evening, but by the end had to admit that it was truly the best team building event ever!
– Coni Thomas, Operations Director, CodeScience

THANK YOU so much for the great team building activity last week! The team really enjoyed it. I had a lot of good feedback, including people who thought it was the best team building event hosted by Cummins they had ever attended!
– Carrie Vawter, Supply Chain Capability Leader

We’ve been doing team building activities at our annual retreats for nearly 20 years, and the Kidbilly event was by far the best activity we’ve ever done. We have a diverse workforce that spans a wide range of ages and physical abilities, but everyone was able to participate. The Kidbilly leaders got everyone involved, even those who were initially quiet or skeptical. It was amazing how much we accomplished in a short time. In a fun, interactive way, we captured the things that are special about our company in song. I’m now a huge Kidbilly fan and I’d highly recommend Kidbilly and his team to anyone for a team building activity. I have only one complaint – our retreat was a month ago, and I still find myself wanting to burst into my team’s song at the most inopportune times!
– Dana Sellers, CEO, Encore Health Resources

Libbey has been making glassware for 195 years. Our long history combined with our excitement about the future provided us with rich content for fun and relevant lyrics to tell our story through song. This exercise took people out of their comfort zones and required them to think and act as part of a creative team…a new experience for many of the participants. The positive storytelling linked regions, departments and generations together, and highlighted the key themes of our meeting. Working with the Kidbilly songwriters, we produced memorable songs that continue to play in our minds, with priceless choruses we will remember for years to come. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Kidbilly for a great experience!
– Tim Paige, Vice President, Human Resources, Libbey

Our teams did not know what we had planned and were keen not to have to sing – so you can imagine we were nervous. But this was all about creativity, collaboration and compromise. The songwriters were able to get the groups really engaged to celebrate the important work we do together. We had great fun and most rewarding was that the results were surprisingly good…We are still talking about it!
– Yumi Nakagawa, Ph.D., Senior Director, Corporate Development & Strategy, Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Thank you again for hosting our team building event. It was truly a unique event – made even more special because we were able to record in a real studio. You have a gift for not only songwriting but also for bringing out the creative side of everyone participating. I really can’t believe we wrote and recorded a song in under 2 hours. The process brought us closer together as a team, and we now have a shared memory that will stay with us for years to come!
– Amy Sheaves, District Manager, Gulf Lakes Territory, Iron Mountain

Thank you so much. We were able to open the song files and re-live the night again. Everyone had such a great time and I hope that one day we can all work together again. I’d be more than happy to talk with prospective clients that may want to hire you to do their event. You and your team were awesome!
– Diane Feschenko, Manager, Global Sales Support, IHS Automotive

Nicely done. This team building exercise was a “big hit”! We closed out our session with the “masterpiece” … My team sang along with great pride and joy! Thank you.
– Ron Rohrer, Central Region Sales Manager, BD Diagnostics

The team building activity with Kidbilly was fun and educational – instead of playing golf or laser tag we worked together as a team to craft two songs that not only made us laugh but also made us recognize how we all face similar challenges. This shared experience is something that will be remembered for a long time as we all we work together to achieve our company’s goals. We can’t wait to get our CD’s to remember our time spent working together on this activity.
– Erin Evans, Director, Affinion Group

We included Team Building Through Song in our schedule twice during the week and found that some were skeptical to attend, as they didn’t think they were “creative” enough. One attendee made this very comment to me, so I begged her to attend and she hasn’t stopped telling her colleagues and me how great it was since! Post conference surveys listed your program as one of the attendees’ favorites.
– Christy Wright, Director of Marketing, Healthcare Management Systems, Inc.

“I can’t let another day pass by without telling you THANK YOU THANK YOU for adding a special touch to Deltek’s VIP event at the CMHF. As the operations manager, I must thank you for your professionalism, fast response and ease in which you handled all logistics. Your performance was so touching and entertaining that all eyes were locked on you all for the hour performance. Thank you on a very successful event – guests left on a musical high!”
– Ansley Hampton, Senior Operations Manager, PRA (formerly Destination Nashville)

This was quality experience with a high level of excitement and team interaction. I was more than pleased with the outcome – we had two professional songwriters who took 2 groups of 9 employees, helped them write an original song, partake in a ‘sing-off’ competition and awarded prizes all under 2 hours. Our team rated this experience as the highlight of the week!
– Dan Bailey, Manager, OCP, Partner NA, Schneider Electric

This was one of the more fun team building events I have been involved in. The group collaborated, got creative, got competitive and had a blast. Georgia’s enthusiasm and positive disposition not only made for a fun experience and cool song about our company, but was inspirational!
– Greg Tepas, CEO & President, EMKAY

What a great day – one of the highlights of my time in junior golf. It was a magical two hours that shows the potential of our young people. Thanks for all your your help and expertise!
– Steve Merrill, The First Tee, Tennessee Golf Foundation

Thank you again for such a great program yesterday! Managers are still talking about it and can’t wait to hear the song again. I’ve had several ask me for the words, which is a true testimony to such a wonderful program. From the front of the room, I enjoyed seeing everyone engage with who we are, and in some cases re-engage with what we are all about. This was a great activity. As you know this is a tough industry and we don’t always get the chance to show, tell, and in this case sing together, about who we are.
– Juanita Neely, Director of Sales & Marketing, Franklin Marriott Cool Springs

Imagine 100 people, representing communities and organizations from across rural Minnesota, convened in a beautiful, historic ballroom. At first the focus is on Billy Kirsch, as he starts guiding us through the songwriting process. Then the magic starts to happen and the focus shifts to the words and lyrics emerging from our collective expression of our work and its importance to our state. Our song, “Minnesota’s better with Broadband” materializes in an amazingly short period of time and everyone’s singing along with gusto and pride. Fun. Easy. Meaningful. Including Kidbilly Music at this year’s broadband conference was money well spent.
– Bernadine Joselyn, Director Public Policy and Engagement, Blandin Foundation, Minnesota

There is always a sense of skepticism in whether you can encourage a group of corporate-minded individuals to participate in this type of event, but our employees really got into the spirit and, although starting slowly, really embraced the process. The videos taken from iPhones say it all – more than half the group on stage singing their hearts out, laughing, dancing, playing harmonicas and tambourines and the other half also singing along and taking photos and videos. What an incredible atmosphere – an evening that nobody wanted to end and wonderful memories to share and enjoy with so many others!
– Barry Noskeau, COO, ALTOUR

Working with Kidbilly was seamless. Communication and contracting were prompt, cordial and concise. They engaged our patients and caregivers in writing a song during a morning session and later brought those same people up on stage to perform the song for our entire group of 800 people at our dinner. They received a well deserved standing ovation and there were not many dry eyes in the house. I wholeheartedly recommend working with this amazing group of talented musicians.
– Jeri Webb, Associate VP, Conferences and Meetings, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

This was the best session ever! You are all incredibly talented. People are still talking about the songwriting session!
– Kelly Greene, Automation Specialist, Siemens Healthcare

THANK YOU! I do believe we have set the bar so high now for our closing event, that I’m nervous we won’t be able to top it! I really am thrilled with the way it turned out. Your team was awesome – you took a really tough crowd and got them to open up. A YouTube video one of our attendees posted went viral before we even left the room!
– Lauri Sherry, Travel & Events Manager, Logicalis, Inc.

Awesome session – we all loved it and u rock!! Thank you!! Send me the recording of the song and we will put it up on our MTC website.
– Susan Seifert, Board of Directors, Maryland Tourism Coalition

The team building event got great feedback in our post-meeting survey and people have been asking for the videos from the performance. Thanks to you and your team for a great event, you did a great job!
– Ruth Davis, VP of Marketing, TravelClick Inc.

Thank you for bringing creativity and song to our Leadership summit. We created a unified message as one team, after our recent merger and acquisition process. You’ve been a pleasure to work with!
– Kate Modolo, Corporate Communications, ExpressJet Airlines

Thanks so much for the keynote. It had great impact and people all took away something different from the presentation which I thought was really cool, you’ve gotten pretty phenomenal kudos. One of our leaders is always the naysayer so he thought this idea was corny, and that you wouldn’t be able to complete a song about ENT. Well, you got him at the opening! He was engaged, he played the harmonica and then he told me that he was wrong and thought it was the best keynote he had ever heard! Thanks much for delivering!
– Robin L. Wagner, Executive Director, Association of Otolaryngology Administrators

Our group of hospital CEOs were not enthusiastic going into the team building session. As the process unfolded, they quickly became involved and were ready to perform! Some of them texted their spouses, letting them know they won the best song award! More than fun and games, though, this was an effective opportunity for our company’s leaders from across the country to work together in a non-stressful environment, to develop relationships that will be valuable networking sources for them throughout the year. Thanks!
– Susan Hassell, Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Quorum Health Resources, LLC

Jump$tart Coalition Logo

You were a pleasure to work with, helping with the planning process and going above and beyond. After a long day of educational meetings, this activity brought everyone back to life and out of their shells – creating a unified message about the importance of Jump$tart’s work with students. Thank you!
– Daniel Hebert, Director of Professional Development, Northeast Regional Director, Jump$tart Coalition

Kidbilly Music was the perfect ice breaker for our annual conference. Our attendees could not stop talking about it and I’m sure we will hear about it still for months to come. Attendees were excited to share their lyrics ideas with each other, and they were more engaged than ever by the end of the night. Billy and his team got everyone on their feet and helped set the tone for a great conference. Best of all, everyone was able to leave with a song to call their own.
– Caitlin McDanels, Marketing & Research Specialist, Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals

You certainly have the knack of drawing out attendees’ creativity and synthesizing random ideas into lyrics and music that capture the essence of the group. IRI’s attendees were still talking about the song writing presentation on their way to the airport.
– Christine M. Goldberg, Education & Conferences Consultant

Thank you so much, Billy!!!! You were my favorite presenter out of the entire conference, and what a wonderful way to kick off our opening…. it really set the tone for what we were trying, and did, achieve. You are incredibly talented and I would ABSOLUTELY write a recommendation for you – please feel free to reference me for other SHRM conferences.
– France Gasquet, TN SHRM Conference Chair

You delivered an outside the box presentation about creativity and had our creative juices flowing in a matter of minutes. We were encouraged to do something different to gain new ideas. We all came away with ways to think about our meetings, events, and even our lives in a very different way. As moderator, Billy kept the energy up and fully connected during all 3 very different presentations. Job well done!
– Katie Rogers, Emdeon, MPI Director of Monthly Meetings

I had a great time at DIG this morning! Lauren did a wonderful job engaging all of us in the creative process and it was so much fun. I have to say that this has been one of the most productive days I have had in a long time. You are obviously so talented and I am grateful for the experience of working with you this morning.
– Susan Morley, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

I have to say it was the best program I have seen in quite awhile. You were able to engage the audience. Your presentation inspired me to try to be creative and I’ve found I do have creative ability. I hope we have an opportunity in the future to work together again.
– Deborah Schmann, CMP, Manager Travel & Events, CCA

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