Grab some popcorn and watch our team building videos. Try not to smile but you will. We’ve watched these team building videos dozens of times and they still make us smile, along with our clients.

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Real Client Experiences

Toward the end of each of our programs, when everyone is proudly performing the songs they’ve just created, the smart phone videos start rolling as the action begins. Much of the footage that makes up our team building videos has been taken by clients or our own facilitators – impromptu and in the moment. You’ll notice that people are having fun and that they’re really engaged in the activity.

Guess what? These aren’t professional performers. They’re regular people just like you. Many of them thought our programs would be intimidating or would only suit the musically talented. But as you can see that’s not the case.

How do we move a group from hesitancy or downright fear to active participation? One step at a time!

Put Your Toe In The Water

Metaphorically speaking of course. You won’t really get wet during our musical programs, but we will get you off the sidelines and into the action. Here’s a bit of the how we do it.

  • You are creative – Everyone has inherent creative ability. But since most adults don’t identify as creative types, they stop tapping into their creative side. Or at least they think they’ve stopped. But really, we all use creativity to solve problems in our daily lives. During our programs, participants reconnect with their innate creativity by taking part in a step-by-step process.
  • Start slow and draw you in – We’ve all been at uncomfortable events in which we feel put on the spot or singled out. We just don’t do that! We engage everyone in the room by asking relevant questions and then getting everyone talking about their shared work experience. As themes emerge, we’ll help you plug those ideas into lyrics and music. It’s a lot of fun as you focus on what’s important and then fit it all into a song. By the time we move from songwriting to song performance everyone will be vested in their collaborative creative work. It’s exciting to create something from nothing. That excitement, and a feeling of ownership in the song you’ve written, most definitely cancels out pre-program jitters.
  • We’ll lead you anywhere – We enable you to create great songs that reflect who you are as a group. We’ll lead you through a process that helps you to celebrate your innovative powers and the power of collaboration. We’ll guide you, but really; we’ll take you anywhere your goals and concerns lead you. Our music is as diverse as our client base. Each song is truly unique because it reflects the talent and input we get from everyone in the room.

Our Team Building Videos Tell The Story

When your songs are complete, we’ll lead you through performance and recording. And if that still seems scary, then skip back up to the top of this page and watch the folks in these videos. What’s readily apparent is that they’re not hesitant, they’re not bored and they’re not on the sidelines. This is real team work in action. Whether it’s a team of 20 or a team of 2,000, there’s a role and a fun place for everyone to be involved.

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