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Team building isn’t what it used to be. That old, narrow concept has evolved to mean so much more. It takes place in different settings, from company conferences to industry summits, kickoff events and team gatherings. Team Building Through Song® reflects the rich culture and needs of modern organizations, designed to help you engage and excel!

Our Team Building Programs


Led by Grammy award winning hit songwriters, you’ll create and record songs that will motivate and inspire your organization through fun, team building activities. From team events to large conference sessions, our  interactive programs work for you.


Our innovative music team building events have lasting impact. And best of all, you don’t have to be a singer or extrovert to love what we do! Highly engaging, highly inclusive. Trusted by the world’s leading companies.

Happy Clients

Disney Imagineering

“This songwriting process is a clever way to really reach the heart of your team! In one word – magic! This music team building activity is powerful and I have already recommended them to others.” Disney Imagineering

Southwest Airlines

“Our goal for this activity was to find an enjoyable way to build teamwork and camaraderie within our department; Kidbilly far surpassed our expectations.” Southwest Airlines


“6 months later this is still showing valuable impact. The song was picked up by the communications team and they plan on using it as part of an event they are doing internally. We are using it in team meetings to bring back the positive feelings and stay focused. Thank you for all your help in making this happen.” Pfizer


“The Microsoft team had a great time with the experience of songwriting and learning about how harmoniously they could work together. Using music for our team program was as much fun as you said it would be. It was amazing to watch the groups create similar themed songs in such different unique ways and with differing song styles.” Microsoft


“Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun and engaging afternoon of songwriting! You were right, you didn’t make us look bad, instead you made us shine!” Bridgestone

Bayer Healthcare

“Billy and his team were able to get the groups really engaged to celebrate the important work we do together. We had great fun and most rewarding was that the results were surprisingly good…We are still talking about it!” Bayer Healthcare


“I must confess I’ve listened to my iPhone recording of the song and I’m really loving it. And the group has been sending an email chain around saying the Impressionist Family singers now need to be fitted for costumes and will take the show on the road!” Sotheby’s


“Thank you so much for sending the songs. They sound great and we appreciate it! You were all FANTASTIC and are all extremely TALENTED! Everyone was impressed by your group.” Harley-Davidson

Red Bull

“I can’t thank you enough for what your music team building session added to our event. Thursday was a LONG day for everyone involved and we truly ended it on a high note with the song-building competition. You have a very talented group of facilitators and the overall experience went way beyond our expectations.” Red Bull

Hilton Hotels Worldwide

“Truly, a fantastic session. It was really an empowering and expressive creative experience for us. I appreciate your flexibility and partnership with us during the process. Our songwriter leader, Rusty, was amazing!” Hilton Hotels Worldwide


“A great program. Our remote team came together and really bonded. Being in the recording studio was lots of fun.”Verizon


“Billy Kirsch went the extra mile to ensure the session had maximum impact for us and for the Kidbilly team, it was very clear this was a labor of love!” Unilever


“Our large group of aerospace engineers was doubtful about getting into this type of program. But once we got started the participation and enthusiasm was contagious. The end result, 275 people on their feet, singing as one.” Honeywell


“A great kick off to our conference. Who knew singing about commercial real estate could be so much fun! Thanks for the hard work you put in and the fun time.” SunTrust

NBC Universal

“At NBC we’re all about entertainment and collaboration. Using music for our team building activity was a natural for us. But honestly, we didn’t expect the session and the results to be as great as this turned out. The Kidbilly team was perfect.” NBC Universal


“We all came away with ways to think about our meetings, events, and even our lives in a very different way. As moderator, Billy kept the energy up and fully connected all 3 very different presentations. It’s always a joy having Billy in charge!” MPI


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Why Try Team Building Through Song?

Each of us can sing the lyrics to dozens of songs, but on any given day we can’t remember where we left our car keys! With Team Building Through Song® you’ll create your own memorable lyrics and experience team building with lasting impact.

Team Building Activities That Work For You

We’re the worldwide leader in musical team building activities. Driven by the passion of our award winning hit songwriter-facilitators, we deliver programs that will appeal to everyone in your group.

  • You don’t have to be a singer or an extrovert. In fact, our clients tell us they’re amazed by the high level of buy-in and engagement we get. Everyone can relate to music. We’ll help you tap into that common experience through story and song.
  • From 5 to 5,000 participants, from thirty minutes to full day events. We’ve found a way to bring truly interactive experience to groups of all sizes. We’ll work with your agenda to bring value that matches your goals.
  • We have the right program for your group. Our events include programs in which you break into teams or large group events that keep everyone together.
  • Our clients include organizations looking for corporate team building activities, non-profits, associations and conferences. We’ll work closely with you to customize your event so it reflects your goals and ideas. We like to be flexible, we love to help you succeed.
  • Create powerful take-aways, your songs. Create the soundtrack to your corporate life as you craft memorable and catchy songs that communicate the best of who you are and what you do.

This Is Music, This Is Fun

Team building activities aren’t always fun. In fact, sometimes they’re downright awful. And yet here you are, trying to find something real, accessible and fun for your entire organization. Our musical team building programs work for several reasons.

  • We’re really good at this – Our team is not only talented and entertaining, we’re adept at leading groups from point A to Z seamlessly. We won’t embarrass you or put you on the spot. In fact, we begin with conversation that’s comfortable and relevant as we move from lyric brainstorm to songwriting and performance. By the time your songs are complete, everyone will be singing along and proud of it.
  • Relatable – Music really is a universal language. Even if you can’t carry a tune, songs are an important part of your life and of your colleague’s lives. We help you tap into your universal language to communicate, build relationships and have some genuine fun.
  • We’re Not Faking It – We’ve created music for artists ranging from Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Ray Charles, ZZ Top and more. But honestly, we’re just as engaged when we’re writing songs with you. That’s because the creative process is always immediate. We’re co-creating with you and your team as we move from blank canvases to your finished masterpieces. We have to be in it and on our toes because we never know just what’s going to happen during our creative events. But don’t worry. We do know that together we’ll all make beautiful music.

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