If you’re interested in giving back to the community, our corporate social responsibility programs provide a great opportunity to be a part of something wonderful. We provide program options that support community giving and team building through music.

How it Works

We have two corporate social responsibility programs that incorporate community giving with our music team building:

The first CSR program helps you support a community organization of your choice. You’ll parter with the organization to write a song about their work. Then we’ll help you create a music video that the organization can use to promote their cause.

The second CSR program focuses on providing musical instruments and support for the arts in schools. You’ll donate musical instruments to a school we help you identify. Students can perform at the end of your team program as you present your donations.

Choose a Program

Support A Community Organization
  • Pick a charitable organization you’d like to support. During your team building session, you’ll create a song about the great work they do.
  • Include members from the organization in your songwriting session. Together, you’ll craft an inspiring song that tells the story of their organization; what they stand for and more.
  • After your team building session, we’ll record your song. Then, we’ll help you make a video to be used to promote your chosen organization.
  • The video can be used for public service announcements, social media campaigns and on the organization’s website. This is corporate social responsibility that keeps on giving!
Support Music In Schools
  • We’ll match your group with a school organization to develop a wish list for musical instruments. During your program, students join you onsite to receive donations and perform for you.
  • Or you can have a hands-on experience of putting strings on guitars and tuning them, to get them ready for the students.
  • We’ve designed our corporate social responsibility programs so your company’s team building goals are not diluted. You’ll meet your team’s specific goals for an activity while serving the broader community.

Client Success Stories

Helping you give back to the community.
What a great day – one of the highlights of my time in junior golf. It was a magical two hours that shows the potential of our young people. Thanks for all your your help and expertise!
Steve Merrill, The First Tee, Tennessee Golf Foundation
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