Tinseltown, showbiz, stars and legends. If you’re thinking of team building in Los Angeles you’ll want to tie in creative and fun themes to reflect this city’s personality. But you also need great programming that gets results and appeals to everyone in your group.

  • Applause, applause – Make music with Grammy, Emmy & Tony nominated hit songwriters.
  • Take the stage – Have a blast, build relationships and create something really powerful, Your Songs.
  • Don’t Be Shy – But if you are shy, you’ll still love our programs. This isn’t a tacky or forced activity. We’ll draw you in and make you comfortable as you share ideas, plug those ideas into lyrics, make a song and record for posterity.
  • We Got This – We’re a global leader in innovative, interactive musical programming. So check us out…

We Like To Be Flexible – We Love To Work

Just north of Los Angeles and not too long ago, we facilitated a program we hadn’t done before. Our client had a great idea for a twist on our music team building program and naturally, as life long creatives, we jumped at the chance to try something new. The event was a smash success and illustrates a foundational aspect of our mission; we’re here for you. Whatever your ideas are, if they involve music and team building in Los Angeles, we want to help you make it happen.

We have program options that range from multi-team songwriting events for large or small groupsconference icebreakers, interactive keynote speaking presentations and large group energizers.

  • From 30 minute sessions to day long events – From really small groups up to 2,500 participants.
  • Our Los Angeles area team building clients include corporations, non-profits, associations, small companies and educational institutions. It’s hard to think of a type of organization we haven’t worked with.
  • Song is the foundation of everything we do. We’ll bring you together with the universal language that is music. You’ll create powerful songs; communicating the best of who you are and what you do.
  • Our step-by-step process ensures that you’ll not only have fun, you’ll accomplish a lot as you collaborate, perform and record original songs.

Kidbilly was the perfect capstone to our work session – a fun and inspiring way to sum up who we are and want to be, all to a hip melody. Billy did a great job of creatively leading our group of high level executives, as well as effectively managing all the opinions and lyrical suggestions. This songwriting process is a clever way to really reach the heart of your team! In one word – magic! I have already recommended him to others. – Trish Cerrone, Disney Imagineering

Our Los Angeles Team Building Success

team building in Los Angeles includes songwriting

With talented staff in Los Angeles, we’re able to serve area clients with ease.

A sampling of the Los Angeles clients we’ve worked with include:

  • Walt Disney
  • Audi
  • Wescom
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Educational Insights
  • Altour

Popular Program Options

Conference Icebreakers, General Sessions and Interactive Keynote Speaking

  • We’ll work with you before your event to learn about your goals and your program content. That’s so important as this will inform the way we lead your song session.
  • Our hit songwriters kick off the program with a performance that will entertain everyone and most importantly, will provide context to launch our interactive session.
  • After our program introduction, with our leaders both on stage and moving throughout the crowd, we’ll get ideas flowing. Using wireless microphones, social media streams, and even pen and paper, your group will develop themes, titles and lyrics about your shared experience.
  • Even with large groups, there’s opportunity for individual contribution as sections of people work together and then share back with the entire group.
  • By the time your song is complete you’ll have participants with percussion in hand, harmonicas and more.
  • Everyone will be on their feet, either singing, playing or perhaps shooting iPhone video as we perform and record you song. Its’ a powerful way to kick-off or end a conference.
  • MP3 recordings of your song will be available shortly after your event.

Team Songwriting For All Size Groups

  • We’ll start in your main room for our program introduction and performance.
  • After the introduction you’ll break into teams. Each team is led by one of our songwriter-facilitators.
  • You’ll fill the walls with flip charts as you share ideas, develop those into themes, titles and lyrics. The best songwriting is short story telling. So as you work together, developing your lyrics, you’ll be editing your ideas into concise, catchy and memorable messages.
  • As teams complete their songs, they record them. Then everyone gets ready for performances.
  • Performances can take place immediately following the team songwriting sessions, or they can be held during a dinner event. It’s always fascinating to hear how teams create different songs, yet sharing your common themes and goals.
  • Awards are always fun, humorous and a little bit competitive as you compete for Song of the Year.
  • We know performing can seem intimidating, but there’s never any pressure to perform. You’ll be part of a group and you’ll be led by an talented songwriter who will give you confidence.
  • After the event: MP3 and lyric downloads of all your songs.

If this all sounds really big, well yes it’s big in an important way. But your group doesn’t have to be big! We often lead sessions for small teams; as small as five people.

Innovation, Problem Solving and Song

Even if you don’t think you’re creative guess what…you are. In fact, you’re using your creative power every time you solve a problem.

Think about it – If you have a problem, you’ll have to come up with a solution. In order to come up with a solution you’ll have to change something. In order to change you need to bring in new ideas. And to find new ideas you have to be creative. So creativity isn’t just for songwriters or artists.

When you choose team building in Los Angeles with us, you’ll get an inside view on how to re-connect with your creative power to problem solve. You’ll experience the thrill of moving from blank canvas (problem) to finished song (solution). Imagine the power you’ll feel when everyone on your team connects with their abilities to innovate and create; and to do this together.

Don’t be a stranger, get in touch with us to plan your great Los Angeles experience.

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