There are lots of choices for team building in Las Vegas. So how should you decide what type of team program is the best fit for a Las Vegas event?

It’s worthwhile to consider programs that incorporate some of what makes Vegas special; high energy, big ideas with a bit of showbiz flair. That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t choose team building that has real substance and helps you accomplish your goals. But the good news is, you can do this while honoring the spirit and uniqueness that is Las Vegas!

Team Building Through Song® is our family of programs that run the gamut from interactive conference sessions and keynotes to small team events. Our mix of music, story, entertainment and real accomplishment makes a perfect fit for Las Vegas team building.

  • Award winning facilitators – Led by our team of Grammy Award and CMA Award winning, Emmy and Tony nominated hit songwriters, we’ll lead you through a step-by-step program that unfolds and draws everyone in.
  • Shy and outgoing welcome – You don’t have to be a singer or an extrovert. There’s opportunity for right brain and left brain thinking, center stage and behind the scenes personalities.
  • Powerful takeaways – You’ll create and record songs that will become a part of your organization’s culture.


Whether you’re planning an event for six members of your leadership team, three hundred sales associates or a conference kick-off for several thousand, you can make music with us.

We’ve brought teams into Las Vegas recording studios and led interactive stage presentations at the big casinos incorporating songwriting, performance and drumming. We’ve helped non-profit associations harness their creative power through our educational keynote sessions.

Here are some of the Las Vegas team programs we facilitate most often.

Conference General Sessions and Keynotes

  • As with all our programs, we’ll learn about your organization and your goals prior to your event.
  • We kick off the session by setting context and then we transition into a musical performance to break the ice.
  • After our program introduction, our songwriter-facilitators move throughout the crowd. As our musical brainstorm unfolds, ideas flow through the room. Participants come up with song theme ideas and share them via microphones, conference app and/or media stream. As lyrics are created they are projected overhead for everyone to see.
  • During the session, smaller groups have the opportunity to work together; creating titles and thematic ideas to share with the larger group.
  • We provide opportunities for participants to come forward during song performance to play tambourine, percussion or sing backing vocals and more, but there’s never pressure to perform.
  • When the song is complete the entire group sings and records – MP3s will be available for download within hours of your event.

Team Songwriting Events

  • Led by our team of hit songwriters, we kick off your program with an introduction that creates context and entertains.
  • We break into teams. Each team creates a song based on their shared experience. We explain rules of brainstorming – there are no bad ideas, no judgment, so everyone feels comfortable contributing. Our facilitators play melodies and keep the atmosphere in the room relaxed, fun and inclusive. Ideas flow as we identify possible song titles or ‘hooks’ that emerge from the group brainstorming.
  • We choose song titles and write the choruses encompassing the big ideas & themes. There’s always lots of interaction and laughter as participants take their ideas and make them rhyme with the previous ideas. We then create our song verses.
  • When the songs are finished each team records their creation and then gets ready for team performances. Teams are encouraged to use percussion instruments, harmonicas and follow their imagination.
  • Team performances with awards – everyone participates, both competing yet cheering the other teams.
  • After the event: MP3 and lyric downloads of all songs.

Drumming In Las Vegas

Drumming is a popular choice for team building in Las Vegas. Drum programs fit the Vegas vibe and so we developed our own unique take on this great option. Ours is a drumming program that goes beyond just banging on a percussion instrument.

  • This is both fun and productive. Yes, you’ll be able to bang away and have fun, but along the way you’ll experience a step by step collaborative process that serves as a foundation to improve teamwork, increase motivation and engagement.
  • Everyone gets involved as small sections with percussion instruments and drums learn group parts. Then the different sections join together to create a unified performance.
  • This program models both individual contribution and team work. It helps everyone experience how the power of your organization will excel when all the parts (teams) come together in a unified collaborative performance.


drum team building in Las Vegas

When The Siegfried Group wanted a groundbreaking motivational program to close their Las Vegas conference they reached out to us. Siegfried wanted a song to represent their organization and tell their story; to highlight their differentiators and culture. But their initial objective was for a high energy drum program that would send all of their eight hundred attendees home on a high note.

We took this challenge and designed a new program. Working with this client’s leadership during the months proceeding the program, we created and recorded a company song. We opened the session by performing the song.

After the opening song performance, we revealed that hidden under everyone’s seat was a percussion instrument, five different instruments in total!

Each of the five different sections practiced singing a part of the song, while learning how to play a percussion instrument as accompaniment. If this sounds like a challenge, it was. But we carefully designed this program to be a challenge that everyone would meet successfully.

After about 50 minutes of interactive fun, and light hearted competition between sections, we combined all the singing with the five percussion sections and created a rousing final song performance. This was a ‘wow’ event, Vegas style… Eight hundred people working as one, singing their hearts out while playing shakers, woodblocks, drums, tambourines and more.

When it comes to Las Vegas events, you expect it all and you can have it all. Over the top, yet not too far gone – fun and productive. This is team building the way it should be.