Yes, our programs really do work well for association meetings and conferences. Although your attendees come from many different companies or organizations, there’s a commonality that brings everyone together. That commonality becomes the foundation for our song session.

We help everyone celebrate their shared interests by leading participants through an interactive musical program in which you’ll network, engage and build relationships. You’ll learn together and work together to collectively tell your story through song. And you’ll create a powerful takeaway, your song.

How it Works

Before your program, we take time to understand your organization and your goals. At your event, we begin with an entertaining, informative, introduction and performance. Then we move into group participation. We’ll get people talking; sharing common goals, best practices and more. As ideas are shared they are projected on video screens. Those ideas become your song lyrics and ultimately, your finished masterpiece.

The program ends with everyone on their feet; singing, playing percussion and more as we record your original song. Best of all, you don’t have to be musical to feel comfortable and partake.

Will it Work for You
  • Agenda times range from 40 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Group sizes range from 50 to 2,000.
  • We work with organizations in every field. Tech, health, finance, marketing, travel etc.

Client Success Stories

Real people, real results. We bring associations together.
Association of corporate social responsibility professionals
Kidbilly Music was the perfect opening for our annual conference. We received our survey feedback and had a ton of people say it was the best session we’ve done. Attendees were excited to share ideas with each other and they were so engaged by the end of the night. The Kidbilly team got everyone on their feet and set the tone for a great conference.
– Caitlin McDanels, Marketing & Research Specialist, Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals
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Association Meetings – How We Do It

You don’t have to be a singer or have musical experience to love this program, which invites participation and collaboration. We never ‘pull’ people in or make them uncomfortable. We’ll ‘draw’ you in by being genuine and accessible; guiding everyone through a down to earth, yet high energy, honest approach.

Prior to the program – We work with you to understand your group dynamics and target specific goals. Based on your goals and what your organization stands for, we’ll develop the questions we ask during the session to get everyone involved in the song creation process.

At your association meeting – We introduce the program: “Good morning! We’ve performed with Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Stevie Wonder, Jefferson Starship, Blake Shelton and we’ve written hit songs you’ve all heard. Today we have a special treat we’re very excited about, ‘Your Song’. We’re going to create a song together that celebrates who you are and what you do. Along the way, you’ll learn how to harness your inherent creative ability”

We perform the music to your song and begin group participation – there are no bad ideas, no judgment, so everyone feels comfortable contributing. Our songwriter-facilitators move throughout the crowd. Ideas flow through the room as participants come up with song theme ideas and share them. As lyrics are created they are projected overhead for everyone to see.

We choose our song title and write the chorus encompassing the big ideas & themes. There’s always lots of interaction and laughter as participants share suggestions and make them rhyme with previous ideas. We then create our song verses.

Throughout the session, small groups will work together; creating titles, working on song verses and thematic ideas to share with the larger group. We move back and forth from large group to small group work throughout, ultimately creating a unified vision – your song.

The song creation process is a model for the step by step method creative people use to solve problems and to find innovative solutions. As our musical brainstorm unfolds, we’ll share pointers and methods for each participant to integrate these skills into their professional lives, providing actionable take-aways.

We provide opportunities for participants to come forward during song performance to play tambourine, percussion and more, but there’s never pressure to perform.

When the song is complete everyone joins in as we sing and record – MP3s will be available for download within hours of your event.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Your Challenges as an Association

If you’d like to bring energy, fun and out of the box excitement to your general sessions, plenary sessions and keynote sessions, you need programming that engages everyone in the room.

When we speak with perspective clients one of the first things we often hear is this, “We’re tired of people being bored and checking out during our general sessions or during our keynotes.” That’s your challenge and you’re probably wondering about the following:

“Your song sessions look great, but will this work for our association? After all, we’re not a corporate group with a specific product to focus on.”

“We want to do something to engage and motivate, even to entertain. But still, we have to provide value and meaningful content.”

Our Solutions

Engagement – We will keep your attendees awake. We’ll go several steps further and promise that people will be energized, engaged and inspired during our conference session.

Common Themes – Honestly, it seems surprising to us that perspective clients wonder if there’s enough commonality among your attendees to co-create a song with a unified message and vision. After all, there’s a reason people attend your conference. Maybe your song is about the power nurse practitioners bring to healthcare. Maybe it’s about the value of sharing research and new developments across your industry. Maybe it touches on the value of your organization to empower your attendees as professionals, amplifying the benefits of coming together to learn, network and grow. We find that everyone in the room has so much in common, we’ll have raw material for several songs!

Value – It makes perfect sense that in order for an association, non-profit or similar group to spend money for program content there has to be value gained to justify your spend. We get that. Our programs provide real take-aways. We’ll help attendees tap into their inherent creative abilities, to gain trust in their capabilities to innovate and solve problems. We’ll help you build bridges and relationships among your attendees as people work together to create something great.

Where this fits in your conference

Conference Openers – We often kick off conferences, providing a great alternative to a more traditional conference speaker. An opening session with energy and music will set the stage for a succesful conference. It will send the message that this year will not be the same ole’ same ole.

Conference Closers – We often close conferences, sending everyone off on a high note, literally singing their own song, as they head back to their respective jobs and homes, motivated and enthused.

Anywhere In Between – It goes without saying…!

Telling Your Shared Story

The pre-program work we do with you allows us to create the right questions to ensure success. Through the questions we ask, we get conversation going around your themes, goals or challenges. We’ll get your participants talking and sharing. The session builds momentum in a natural way, from a few hesitantly volunteered ideas to unbridled enthusiasm.

The first reason to do this is for the value of the session itself. But additionally, the song you create has value. It will reflect the passion, vision and shared experience of everyone in the room. You’ll come away with an association song to be used for years to come – to represent the best of who you are and what you do.