Tired of talking heads, restless participants, and clock watchers? Our conference energizers and interactive keynote sessions will bring your event to the next level with powerfully inspiring programs.

Led by Grammy award-winning hit songwriters, you’ll create and perform a song that celebrates your organization’s culture.

You don’t have to be musical to feel comfortable and participate – both introverts and extroverts will shine. This is fun that engages everyone.

How it Works

With our hit songwriter-leaders on stage and moving throughout the crowd, everyone gets involved. Ideas flow through the room as participants share suggestions that are projected overhead for everyone to see. There’s opportunity for smaller groups to work together within the session, creating lyric themes and song ideas to then share back with the larger group.

When the song is complete, your entire group will perform and record it creating a powerful take-away. There’s opportunity for participants to play percussion, harmonicas, sing and more.

Will it work for you?
  • Group sizes range from 50 to 2,000
  • Agenda times range from 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Works well for most organizations including companies, associations, user groups and trade groups.

Client Success Stories

From Fortune 100 companies to non-profits, we make it happen.
What an incredible atmosphere and an evening that nobody wanted to end! There is always some skepticism that a group of corporate-minded individuals will participate, but our employees really got into the spirit and embraced the process. The videos taken from iPhones say it all – more than half the group on stage singing their hearts out, laughing, dancing, playing harmonicas and tambourines and the other half singing along and taking photos and videos.
Barry Noskeau, COO, ALTOUR
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Conference Energizers, General Sessions And Keynotes

Preparing for your event – Before each program, we’ll work with you to learn about your organization, your culture and your goals. Every event we do is different because together with you, we’re creating a brand new song. We ask the right questions to get conversations going; and then the song sessions take on a life of their own.

Real work, real fun, real results – This is engaging and this is fun. That’s important. A room full of people having fun is a room full of people tuned in to what’s happening. There’s opportunity for individual contribution and group think. We allow time for table groups to come up with themes and song titles. These small groups then share their ideas back with the larger group. Strangers at tables will soon be laughing, rhyming and breaking the ice through conversation.

Whatever it is you’re trying to communicate, getting buy-in is the first step. Engaged attendees build momentum and motivation together. Successful conference energizers lift the level of buy-in by involving everyone with music, collaboration and creativity. Our clients tell us the experience is inspiring.

Create a powerful take-away with your original song – I hope you’ve watched video by now and that you’ve seen how our conference sessions culminate. Group performance, movement and smiles. This is what happens when you make music together. Your original song will become an important part of your organization’s culture and a lasting reminder of what’s been accomplished along the way.

Clients use the songs created at our programs for internal and external communication, morale, training, marketing and more. These are keepers.

Award winning leadership –  We’ve won Grammy, CMA and ACM Awards and have Emmy & Tony award nominations. But honestly, there’s nothing we like better than the excitement and challenge of working with you to find the song within.

Customized Client Engagement

Client Challenge: We led a program for a large IT company’s sales division. This groups gathers once a year. The goal was to get several hundred people to work together, to share ideas and build enthusiasm for a new sales initiative, unveiled during the meeting. They wanted a powerful closing energizer session to send everyone off on a high note and with renewed motivation for the work ahead.

Our solution – We sent our client an in-depth pre-program questionnaire and followed up with conversation. We took time to understand this sales team’s new initiatives. We prepared questions – in fact, we always prepare and develop the right questions. These are the conversation starters that set the direction for where your song may go. When you work together through songwriting to create lyrics around specific themes and goals, everyone better internalizes those themes and goals. After all, it’s easy to sing a song from memory, but it’s not so easy to recite a mission statement or sales initiative! The song this group created reflected the messages that were most important.

So… we got some work done. But it didn’t feel or look like work. We began the program with our hit songwriters performing and setting the stage for the activity. After our introduction, we moved off stage and out into the room with participants. Covering the room with wireless microphones, we started with simple questions that got people going and then with more specific questions that spurred thought. As people shared ideas they were projected overhead to video screens. We also used an audience response system to ensure everyone would be hands on. High levels of participation will make large conference sessions feel like small group meetings.

A successful co-write, goals met – The completed song was a soulful and catchy story, describing the new products and themes this company was about to launch. Culminating with several hundred people on their feet singing, performing and recording a song they had just created.

Conference Programs For Every Industry

We took the marketing team at Southwest Airlines just a little higher by bringing our kind of visioning and messaging to this already visionary group. Known for their penchant for having fun, the folks at Southwest told us our event was the most entertaining they’d ever done. Sorta fun-tastic.

We led Honeywell Aerospace through a program designed to get their millennial work force more engaged. The client believed that an out-of-the-box opening session would send the right signals. Indeed it did. Millennials who had anticipated sitting still and being bored were engaged. Interactive conversation, group creativity and music making drew everyone in to the action. This was an energizer with real impact and it set the stage for a successful week of meetings.

We worked on an extended project with Cigna. Before their leadership summit, we developed a song about the company; past, present and future. At the summit, we performed the parts of the song we had completed prior and we then invited everyone to help us complete the song on the spot. We shared the C-suite’s vision through our partially completed song and we then allowed everyone in attendance to have a voice in completing that vision. This created a higher level of buy-in and a deeper feeling of ownership by the larger leadership team at Cigna.

Salesforce is known for going big and big it was when we wrote a song with 1,000 people new to the company through an acquisition. We’re big with the mergers and acquisitions crowd! That’s because music brings people together and breaks through barriers. I’ve seen two people from opposite sides of the world bond over a shared favorite song – talk about an icebreaker!

Here at Kidbilly Music we are life long creatives. With boredom as our sworn enemy, we’re always up for new challenges and new experiences. In fact, part of the reason we’re so energized at each client event is that no two programs are exactly alike. We have to be on our toes because we’ve probably never written a song about your company before. And even if we have worked with you before, each program and each group of people is different. The songs are always original, new and unique.

Methodology and process…yes we have that. But we allow ourselves the freedom to play with you and share a truly creative, innovative process. During these musical sessions we all experience the joy and challenge together as we move from blank canvas, to finished song, to final recording.

We appreciate the time, energy and resources you dedicate to planning for a program that will engage, inspire and provide real value. It’s always a challenge when you look for effective programming. Our unique conference energizers meet that challenge by delivering with group engagement, individual contribution and shared inspiration.

We’re a small company that delivers big. We’ve spent our lives successfully pursuing creative endeavors, winning awards along the way, working with the famous and not so famous, passionately sharing our insights, humor, and dedication to the value of team building with music
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