Wow, there are so many options for team building in Orlando. You already know Orlando is a destination for families visiting theme parks. But it’s also an in demand destination for companies and organizations holding meetings or conventions.

If you’ve landed here, we’re hoping you’ll read on to learn about our programs. Team Building Through Song® is a great alternative to riding a roller coaster! Through story and song, music and celebration, we’ll bring your group together for an experience that stands out among the choices in Orlando.

  • Led by award winning hit-songwriters, you’ll work together to create songs about your shared experience.
  • This fun, interactive program will make you laugh, help you think and encourage you to re-connect with your innate creative power, inspiring everyone in your group to become more innovative and engaged.
  • Create, perform and record. We’ll lead you through a step-by-step collaborative process as you share ideas, turn those ideas into lyrics, then perform and record your songs.
  • Don’t worry…You don’t have to be musical to love this program.

Orlando Team Building Options

I can’t thank you enough for what your team of musicians added to our event. Thursday was a LONG day for everyone involved, and we truly ended it on a high note with the song-building competition. You have a talented group of facilitators and the overall experience went way beyond our expectations. Your attention to our answers to the questionnaire did not go unnoticed, and you really knocked it out of the park with “problem solving via creativity,” as the theme. Thank you, again! – Anna McNally, Marketing Specialist, Red Bull

Conference General Sessions, Icebreakers, Energizers And Keynotes

  • We work with all our clients before every event to make sure we understand your goals and agenda.
  • Our program kicks-off with an entertaining introduction and performance by our hit songwriter-facilitators.
  • After the introduction, our songwriter-leaders move throughout the crowd as everyone gets involved. We’ll ask questions to get people talking about your shared experience. As ideas flow through the room themes and lyric suggestions fill video screens. Participants take part in a large group brainstorm via wireless microphones and live media streams like Yammer or Twitter.
  • There’s opportunity to work together in small groups, as people gather to come up with song titles or verse lyrics. You’ll then share ideas back with the larger group as our lyric takes shape.
  • Along the way, there’s opportunity for participants to play percussion, harmonicas, sing and more.
  • This interactive session culminates with the whole crowd on their feet as we perform and record your original group song.
  • MP3 recordings of your song will be available shortly after your event.

Team Songwriting

  • We begin in your main room with an entertaining introduction and performance by our hit-songwriters.
  • Then we break everyone into teams. Each team is led by one of our songwriter-facilitators . We lead you through a purposeful and often humorous session in which you’ll go from idea to idea – sharing in an open and fun environment set to music. Although freewheeling and fun, our process evolves intentionally as your lyric takes shape and you create your masterpiece.
  • When teams complete their songs, each records them and then gets ready for performances. There’s opportunity for participants to play shakers, tambourines, harmonica and more.
  • Team performances with awards. Performances can take place immediately following the team songwriting sessions, or they can be held during a dinner event. Regardless of when you perform, it’s always fun as teams take the stage to show off and compete for awards.
  • There’s never any pressure to perform. No one is singled out, unless they volunteer! You’ll be part of a group and you’ll be led by an talented songwriter performer who will give you confidence and help you feel comfortable on stage.
  • After your event: MP3 and lyric downloads of all your songs.

Our Orlando Experience

a new option for team building in Orlando

Music team building is a great alternative to the better known types of group activities you may have done in the past. Music will draw in even your most resistant participants. Everyone has music in their lives. A favorite song from childhood, the first dance at a wedding or even a college fight song.

We all relate to music and it creates a common bond. We’ll help you tap into your common experience with music, finding connections you didn’t know you had. Along the way, you’ll create and record songs that will motivate, define and inspire your organization.

A sampling of the Orlando team building clients we’ve worked with include:

  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
  • Cigna Healthcare
  • TIAA Financial Services
  • FBC Mortgage

When all is said and done, team building in Orlando should be really fun. Think of the joy children of all ages experience at Disney World and make sure that joy is part of your company activity.  There’s lots of stuff you can fake in life. But fun is a feeling that’s either there or it’s not. When you take part in a genuinely entertaining and enjoyable activity you’ll be engaged. You’ll be interacting naturally, without forcing it. That’s fun.

And guess what? There’s real value in fun. Those warm fuzzies you feel toward your co-workers when you take time to share a sincere, fun experience increases trust and improves team performance.

Music draws us into an emotional place that allows us to be our best selves, to communicate more freely without fear of judgement. Making music together is highly collaborative; whether it’s co-writing a song or being part of a band. After our programs, our clients always comment about how easy it was to give voice to their ideas and to collaborate without feeling judged. Music plays a huge part in this, setting the stage for success that will carry forward beyond your Orlando event.

If you’re looking for fun and creative team building in Orlando or the surrounding area, we’d love to help.

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