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Where should you go to get a good nap? Quite often the best naps happen when you’re listening to a so-called motivational speaker. Sad and true. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My goal as a motivational keynote speaker is not to overpromise and underdeliver. It’s simply to allow you the time, space, and a framework to play, to create, and to understand how to harness your creative power.

How it Works

You’re innately creative. Perhaps you’ve forgotten! Yet every time you solve a problem, you’re using a highly creative process. To solve a problem you need to change something. To change, you need to bring in new ideas. To bring in new ideas, you need to be creative. Where do those ideas come from? I’ll show you.

Most creative junkies like myself don’t wait around for inspiration. We show up, do the work and inspiration comes from the process. I’ll take you on a fun, musical journey as we solve a problem, get creative and find inspiration. Together, we’ll write and perform a song. Along the way, I’ll share my tips and take aways.

Will it Work for You?
  • Group sizes range from 50 to 5,000.
  • Agenda times range from 60 minutes to 2 hours.
  • This program works well for most organizations including; companies, associations, educational institutions and user groups.

Client Success Stories

Innovation delivered…
An outside-the-box keynote presentation about creativity that had our creative juices flowing in a matter of minutes. He encouraged us to do something different to gain new ideas, reminded us there is no such thing as a bad idea and taught us to not be married to our ideas. We all came away with ways to think about our work and our lives in a very different way.
Katie Rogers, Emdeon, MPI Director of Monthly Meetings
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About Billy Kirsch

I’ve written Grammy and Emmy nominated songs. I’ve won Country Music Association awards for Song of the Year. I’ve written numerous Top 10 hit songs. I’ve recorded, performed and traveled with the famous and the not so famous. My biography is here if you want to learn more.

You can use these credentials as bragging rights when you book me for your conference. But an equally important aspect of who I am is my passion for working with different organizations.

There’s nothing I like more than the being in the moment, meeting the challenge of leading a group of people through an interactive song session.

I hate to throw around the term, motivational keynote speaker, too much. Because it’s a tired out phrase that doesn’t always deliver. But I know from experience that after my interactive keynotes, participants are energized and have renewed passion for their ability to engage with work challenges by bringing creativity to the process.

I approach every program wide eyed and enthused, thankful for the privilege to share what I know about creativity, helping you use it to become a more innovative problem solver. Creativity is fun too. Fun makes life more interesting and more productive.

Demystify The Creative Process

Whether it’s writing a hit song or reworking a client intake sheet, the basic approach to problem solving and creativity can be broken down into steps that demystify the process.

When you bring me in as a keynote speaker, you’ll learn about the value of play, taking chances and diving down rabbit holes; rabbit holes that lead to success. Learn to reframe the rigid concept of ROI and think about the value of ROInspiration®.

You’ll work with others to create a shared story in this session, through music and song.

You’ll experience the power of positive brainstorming; learn how to generate more ideas and how to make your ideas become reality.

You’ll think for yourself and you’ll also work collaboratively, turning a blank canvas into a finished song.

I’ll leave you with practical tips and real experience that will allow you to bring creative confidence back to your life.

Walk Down An Open Path

Innovation is never guaranteed. But without experimentation, it’s guaranteed you will never achieve innovation.

You Are Creative – Now Use It!

Ninety-six percent of young children demonstrate a high level of creativity, yet only ten percent of adults consider themselves creative. I know you’re still highly creative, but you may have forgotten how to tap into that vital part of your skill set. When you’re four years old and you spend time painting or building fantasy worlds you’ll be encouraged. Fast forward to fourth grade and you may be scolded for spending play time. Your parents may often tell you to stop playing and get your homework done instead. But play time is vital to creativity, thus vital to problem solving.

So you still have your creative powers but you may have devalued creativity in your life because it doesn’t guarantee results. But professional creatives like myself understand that risk taking, experimentation(play) and failure are the foundations for all success.

My interactive and musical keynote sessions will reconnect you with your innate creativity. We’ll go on a journey through music, story and song. You’ll contribute and collaborate during this experiential session in which we all become songwriters and demystify the creative process. Don’t just sit back – become a participant in a fun keynote that will boost your confidence and give you a plan to use your creative powers.

And guess what? You do need your creative powers! Not just to paint pictures or write hit songs, but to generate better ideas and differentiate yourself in today’s competitive marketplace.

A Practice Guide To Creativity

Create ‘play time’ – Make time at least once a week to think about a challenge, be it a problem or creative project. Book time with yourself to daydream a bit. Don’t evaluate your progress but consider it progress if you just show up to do this. Keep your creative ideas or your play time musings in one place so you can re-visit what you’ve done over a period of time. It will give you confidence to continue when you’re not inspired. This will remind you that everyone is creative, including yourself.

Imitate, emulate and then create -Do research. Picasso wisely said, “good artists copy, great artists steal.” In other words, don’t try to create in a vacuum. Learn about what others in your area of expertise are doing. Look for those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ inspirations. Combine this external input into your own style and you’ll find yourself feeling creative.

Don’t judge yourself quickly – And don’t take it too hard if your ideas and proposed solutions don’t work. When you face failure use that input to re-combine your ideas into better solutions. If you’re dejected remember Thomas Edison’s attitude, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”

Share your creative projects with others – It’s natural to be excited about new things. In fact, it’s a very basic human attribute.