Our team building with drumming program is special because it combines the great energy of a drumming event with the proven methods that drive our Team Building Through Song® programs.

How it Works

Each program opens with an inspiring performance by our master drummers. Then we begin group participation. Everyone in the room will have their own instrument, ranging from small hand held percussion to large floor drums. Each instrument is part of a section and each section creates a specific musical or percussive pattern.

You’ll be engaged and inspired as you see and hear how small sections work together, learning parts that contribute to the final drum song. The program culminates with everyone performing together as a unified ensemble.

Will it Work for You
  • Agenda times range from 15 minute icebreakers to half day workshops.
  • Group sizes range from 5 to 1,500

Client Success Stories

From small organizations to large companies, engagement is everything.
Everyone LOVED the experience and are still talking about it. We accomplished every outcome we had hoped for from the meeting, and your piece was a key aspect that helped bring some emotion and fun into the session. Thanks for all your hard work and support
Greg Hicks, VP HR, Cigna
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Program Details

Each program opens with an inspiring performance by our master drummers. After our performance we begin group participation.

Every one in the room will have their own instrument, ranging from small hand held percussion to large floor drums. Each instrument is part of section and each section creates a specific musical or percussive pattern. Groups are always fascinated to hear how small groups learn parts that ultimately contribute to the final performance piece.

The program culminates with all the sections performing together, much like an orchestra.

This may sound complicated but we lead you through a step by step process that ensures success and builds confidence. Drumming based team building provides real value since it’s a micro model of how your organization should optimally perform.

Individuals face a challenge and gain confidence through mastering their own part. Then, teams within your organization (our percussion sections) learn to work together. So each team has a specific role that contributes to overall success. The group performance that closes each event represents your company as a whole. This performance, a/k/a drum song, exemplifies the power of your company when you function as a fine tuned machine.

Metaphor aside, the most important reason our drumming events work is that they’re engaging and fun. Our drum leaders never get tired of seeing the transformation that happens at every event. People begin with apprehension, almost embarrassment, but quickly begin to smile, loosen up and really get into participating.

At the close of our programs, the energy in the room is electric. People are out of their shells and inspired by what they’ve done. There’s opportunity for you to pick up on the motivation and engagement we create and to carry it forward into your work life.

Will a single drumming program change your culture or solve your problems? Of course not! But it is a catalyst to build on and a powerful way to re-set your team’s energy.

Our History of Success

AbbVie Pharmaceutical created a new team to work on a product launch. We led two drum programs for this group, bookending their project to emphasize their journey and their success.

Our first program was our most typical. Everyone played an instrument. Instruments created different parts and then the parts came together in a final performance. During our program introduction and wrap-up we spoke about how the drum performance modeled the goals of the team. That they needed to use individual talent and also to collaborate successfully to achieve the group’s goals.

Our subsequent event with this group took it to a more difficult level. Our client wanted to acknowledge to everyone that they had met a corporate challenge and succeeded with their product launch. But he also wanted to present one more challenge through drumming, to see the group embrace this challenge to reinforce and celebrate both their accomplishments and abilities.

Using sets of tuned chimes, we led the team through a performance of the melody to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, the Ode To Joy. Sections of people had chimes tuned to different notes in the melody. After instructing everyone in how to play their chimes, sections then had to learn to follow a simple notation pattern so each person would know when to play their chime.

Our client’s second program definitely gave everyone appreciation of their acquired ability to hang in through a challenge and succeed as a team. Bringing non-musicians together, teaching them an instrument and getting them to perform as a unit is a bit of a challenge. It’s fun for us, as drumming facilitators, to see a bit of consternation during the beginning of the program, knowing that consternation will quickly turn to confidence and a fun final performance.

Team building with drumming has a certain magic. Our clients tell us the experience is the ‘highlight of our conference’ or ‘the best thing we’ve done all year’. And the impact lasts as people see their colleagues in a different light and embrace the potential to carry forward the energy created during our events.

There’s a reason our Fortune 500 clients count on us to deliver the best every time we go out to do a program. Fueled by our passion, our experience and our dedication, we’ll help you engage and innovate to be your best.

Led By Experts – Designed For You

All our team building with drumming programs are led by world renowned drum leaders who are dedicated to helping you engage, interact and find inspiration through high energy collaborative experience.

Everyone will enjoy the challenge and the thrill of trying something new and succeeding at it.

Our team building with drumming program is highly customizable. For example, we can provide an inspirational activity to open a large keynote session as well as more intensive workshops for smaller groups.

We’re a small company that delivers big. We’ve spent our lives successfully pursuing creative endeavors, winning awards along the way, working with the famous and not so famous, passionately sharing our insights, humor, and dedication to the value of team building with music
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