About Us

We’re a different kind of team building company. We’re a small dedicated crew that delivers big. We’re creative, passionate and flexible with an understanding that every program we do will be different, because each one of our client groups is unique.

An award winning team building companyWe’ve spent our lives successfully pursuing creative endeavors. Grammy awards, Emmy awards, CMA awards, ACM’s, Tony’s;  yep, we’ve won or been nominated for all of them. Our credits include multiple Top 10 and #1 hit songs, appearances on The Tonight Show, David Letterman, recordings with artists such as Keith Urban, Ray Charles, Blake Shelton, Robert Palmer, Faith Hill and many more.

Writing a hit song is a blast. But believe it or not, we get just as excited about the challenge of helping our corporate and non-profit clients create songs about the work they do. This is because the joy of creativity is always joyful. Whether we’re on on a big stage with someone famous or at a conference center with the not so famous, we’re always engaged and enthusiastic.

Meet Our Team

We like to joke that every member of the Kidbilly Music crew is blessed and cursed with both right brain and left brain function. But this is really important. It’s not enough that we’re entertaining and musical. Vital to our success is that everyone on our team is a dynamic leader who excels in keeping you and your group highly engaged. We’ll get you from point A to point Z on time and with great results.

The bottom line for us is that we just love what we do. We bring child like enthusiasm and mature dedication to each and every client’s program. We’re in it, all the time.

Here are some of our key players.

Billy Kirsch
The guy who got it all started. Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA Award winning hit songwriter and Kidbilly Music President.
Lauren Lucas
Lauren is a Tony Award and ACM Award nominated singer-songwriter. An enthusiastic leader - she does it all with wit and charm.
Rusty Tabor
A recording artist, great performer and fantastic team building song leader, Rusty always brings the fun!
Victoria Banks
Winner of the Canadian Country Music Association Songwriter of the Year and Female Artist of the Year awards. Victoria brings energy, focus and fun to every event.
Bob Regan
Bob has penned hits for Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Trisha Yearwood and more. His dedication makes all he touches turn to gold.
Jamie Floyd
A Grammy-nominated songwriter, Jamie really is the hardest working performer in show biz. She brings focus and energy to every client event.
Dave Hiltebrand
A Top 10 songwriter, was a member of the Jersey Boys national tour, an actor who’s appeared on Empire and Betrayal. Uptown sophistication with down home charm.
Georgia Middleman
Hit songwriter, hangs with Keith Urban, Kenny Loggins, Carole King. Has appeared on Letterman and just about everywhere else. She loves writing team songs and loves to win.
Don Henry
Grammy winning Don Henry with recordings by Miranda Lambert, Ray Charles, Blake Shelton and more - Combine wisdom, grace and laugh out loud humor and you have Don.
Shevy Smith
She's our west coast cool singer-songwriter. Loves to get her teams dancing. Thoughtful and outgoing; Shevy will draw you in.

A Different Kind Of Team Building Company

When we’re writing songs with you we often ask you what your differentiators are. There’s great story and marketing power when you can communicate what makes your organization stand out. So here’s our chance to practice what we preach and share our differentiators with you.

  • We Really Do Focus On You – We know what you’re thinking; every team building company says that they tune into each individual client, yada, yada, yada…and to a degree that’s true. So then how are we different? Well the very essence of our job is to co-create, to collaborate with you. We embark on a creative journey with all our clients as we help you tell your story through the activity of songwriting. In order for this to work, we establish trust and learn about your organization so we can lead your team from blank canvas to finished songs.
  • Passionate Leadership – Every one of the Kidbilly Music Crew is a passionate performer, songwriter and group leader. Yes, our team members have some serious musical credits and talent. But there are key additional ingredients that everyone on our staff has. We know how to ask the right questions. We know how to lead you through group think and group fun in a seemingly no holds barred musical experience that does indeed have structure and purpose. And since fun is foundational to everything we do, we have to be smart, quick and effortless. Being part of our team is not for everyone. And when you work with us, you won’t be working with just anyone.
  • Executing Your Event – Have you ever gotten a glimpse back stage at a concert or other type of performance show? The seemingly simple presentation the audience sees in front of the curtain is supported by detailed, complex and careful planning. It’s hard making something look easy! But this is what we do with every program we facilitate. We make sure all the moving parts come together. We make sure nothing is missing, ever. We communicate clearly and we always…that’s right; always stay on agenda.

Does Music Work?

A team building company built around music is certainly a niche. When we started this venture, music team building wasn’t even a thing. But now interactive musical programs are definitely a thing and we’re proud to be one of the creators of our niche market. For a small company, the depth and breadth of our client base is a bit surprising. That’s because what we do really works.

We accomplished every outcome we had hoped for and your program was a key aspect. – Greg Hicks, Vice President, HR, Cigna

Music brings people together. It helps boost engagement and inspires innovative thinking. It’s a bit cliche to say that music is the universal language, but like all good cliches it’s true. Music quickly builds bridges. For example, two people from opposite sides of the globe may begin to talk and discover they share the same favorite band or song. A shared musical memory like that opens lines of communication and builds trust.

Whatever your goals or themes are, writing songs about them will enable everyone to connect with what’s important in a way that’s lasting and easily relatable. You may have trouble memorizing your mission statement or corporate values but we know you can sing the lyrics to many of your favorite songs! This is because a song lyric communicates story in an emotional way, making deep connections that stay with us. Now imagine the power of communicating your corporate story, your shared experience or your goals through song.

For everyone on your team, you’ll create deeper and more authentic resonance with your work life, much the way we all resonate with favorite songs from our entire life.

We’re not big on labels, since as creative types we prefer to be iconoclastic. But we all have to hang our hats on something and so we do call ourselves a team building company. The truth is, we help organizations tell their stories through song in many different settings that include interactive conference sessions, motivational keynotes, convention kick-offs, making music videos and yes, multi-team events with song competitions.

The most important thing about us is about you. Drop us a line, throw us a challenge. Invite us to help you do something you’ve never done – and we’ll help you create a more inspired and innovative workforce.

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