Some people think you can’t have effective team building for large groups. You can and we do! Sure, large group programs come with challenges, but they also have great rewards. When you inspire and motivate a large group it’s contagious.

Our team of Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA & ACM award-winning hit songwriters will lead your large group through an interactive, creative program with powerful takeaways.

Here’s How Our Team Building Works

Both introverts and extroverts will shine. You don’t have to be musical to feel comfortable and partake in our programs.

Keep your group together or break into teams. Whether it’s a general session, keynote style event, or a multi-team program with song competitions, there’s opportunity for both individual contribution and group collaboration.

Engage and Create. Tap into your combined creativity as you share ideas and work together to create something truly memorable, your original songs.

Create, perform, and record. The performance and song recordings you make will be powerful take-aways and lasting reminders of what you’ve accomplished.

Large Group Options

I wanted to emphasize collaboration among our sales and marketing teams. Kidbilly created a session that enabled exactly that. The program was fun, exciting, challenging and liberating all in equal measure. The Kidbilly leaders read the audience very well and ensured the session was fast paced and included everybody. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending this event to anyone.
Jeremy Cooper, CSO, Hobsons, Education Solutions Company
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Breaking Into Teams

Our multi-team program includes team songwriting and team performances with awards. Teams create and record their own songs. Our team building programs are actively led so each team works with one of our songwriter-facilitators.

We start in your main meeting room with our program kick-off. This includes an entertaining introduction and performance by our hit-songwriters. Our introduction does a great job of setting the stage. People’s attitudes will evolve from, “I can’t believe I have to do this” to “I can’t wait to do this”.

After our introduction, we break everyone into teams. It’s always fascinating to hear how each team comes up with a different melody, groove, song title and lyric, while sharing the broader common themes of your organization.

After each team completes their masterpiece, they record their song and then all gather back in the main room for team performances.

Performances can take place immediately following the team songwriting sessions, or they can be elaborate shows on stage during an evening dinner or awards event. Whether simple or elaborate, it’s always fun as teams take the stage to show off and compete for awards.

After your event, we’ll provide MP3 recordings and lyrics for all of your original songs.

Keeping Everyone Together

Writing a song with over a thousand people in one room, keeping it engaging and interactive, can be challenging. But it can it be done. And it can be a lot of fun!

We perform the music to your song and begin group participation. There are no bad ideas and no judgment, so everyone feels comfortable contributing.

Our songwriter-facilitators move throughout the crowd. As our musical brainstorm unfolds, suggestions flow through the room as participants come up with song theme ideas and share them via microphones and live streams such as a conference app or Twitter. As lyrics are created they are projected overhead for everyone to see.

In this large group setting there’s still room for small group interaction. Everyone can contribute as we invite small groups to work together and then share ideas back with the entire group.

Along the way, we give out shakers, tambourines, harmonicas and more as we create both a song and a fun performance.

This interactive song session culminates with the whole crowd on their feet. Everyone joins in to perform and record your masterpiece.

MP3s of your song will be available for download within hours of your event.

Our Team Building for Large Groups Works

Songs tell stories and most simply put, we help you tell your story through song. It’s a combination of entertainment, story, participation and music that creates a motivational and inclusive program. As we lead you through our interactive song session, we get a high level of buy-in because we draw participants in through a step by step process.

Whether it’s a good ole’ flip chart, wireless microphones or live media streams, everyone will be able to participate. During all of our programs, you’ll spend some time in small groups as you work together to contribute ideas and themes, and then share back with the larger group. Allowing both large group interaction and small group work creates a fast paced program. You won’t be hitting the snooze button.

Our team building for large groups program helps you better understand the essence of who you are as a team, as a division, or as a company. As songwriters, we’re particularly great at telling short stories, in a sense your elevator speech.

Think about it. The typical song has fifteen to twenty lines of lyric in it. So songwriters are good at getting to the “hook”, at communicating the essence of what you’re trying to say. We’ll help you create a powerful theme that reflects who you are and what makes your team special.

For example, you may need to be able to tell the story of what differentiates your products or services from your competitors. You may need to appeal to your customers through a unique story that describes your history or your mission and values. You may need to bring everyone together after a merger or acquisition.

Our team building for large groups program will get everyone on the same page and singing the same song. And who knows…you just might create a theme song that your company will be singing for years to come!