Working remotely? Stay connected with virtual team building sessions you’ll love.

Go Virtual

Now more than ever, virtual team building is vital for your workforce. Building morale and de-stressing while increasing trust and efficiency are all benefits of team building.

Our virtual team building activities are unique in that they’re not just computer games. You’ll engage, interact, have fun and accomplish something, just like in our face to face programs.

Led by our award winning hit-songwriters, everyone works together as you create a powerful take-away, your original song. The experience is up close and personal, but the delivery is virtual!

How it Works

We begin with an entertaining welcome, setting the stage for you to tap into your creative powers and collaborate. We provide context, inspiration and kick off with a musical performance.

We’ll guide you through the songwriting process as you share ideas and craft your own song. Everyone contributes in a lively back and forth; talking, making music and laughter.

The session wraps up as we perform and record your song.

By the way, set up is easy – we use the Zoom conference platform you’re already familiar with.

Will it work for you?
  • Our virtual programs work well for remote teams and for teams located together. Bring everyone into a conference room or let everyone join in from home office or separate work spaces.
  • Agenda times range from 1 to 2 hours.

Client Success Stories

From Fortune 100’s to small businesses, every organization needs team building.
The team thoroughly enjoyed themselves and ended up with something very tangible & memorable which embodies us all. The song was picked up by the communications team and they plan on using it for messaging! We’re using it in team meetings to bring back the positive feelings and stay focused.
– Fiona Gardiner PhD PMP, Director, Global Franchise Project Management, Pfizer Consumer

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How virtual team building works

Prior to the program we work with all our clients to understand your group dynamics, your goals and concerns. We’ll prepare for your session by creating questions and crafting an introductory musical performance tailored for your team. 

As your program begins, we kick it off with an entertaining and informative introduction that creates context and draws people into the process. We’ll also demonstrate how to navigate our online meeting – so everyone knows how to easily participate!

After the introduction we’ll get conversation started with a few choice questions. One of the attendees will be our lyric scribe, sharing their screen so everyone can see ideas take shape. Those ideas become themes and ultimately your song lyric. We explain rules of brainstorming – there are no bad ideas, no judgment, so everyone feels comfortable contributing.

We think virtual team building activities should be as much fun as face to face programs. And with that in mind, we make sure there’s free flow and interaction. Your songwriter-facilitator leads the way as, together, you’ll craft a real song.

Participants can sing along and continue to make suggestions as we move toward final performance and recording. You don’t have to worry about being put on the spot or singled out, but you’d be surprised at the number of times we see people sing their ideas and share their talents with the entire team. By the way, these performance moments make great post-event video!

The program culminates with a final performance of your team song, recorded as a lasting take-away.

Why you need virtual team building

Most often, we facilitate our virtual team programs for two types of groups.

  • A team that has gathered together in a conference room or meeting space. You are all together and we’re facilitating from our remote location.
  • Or a team where everyone is in their own space, home offices, remote regional offices, etc. 

While teams that work remotely have unique challenges, the need for a good team building program applies to any work group. A well facilitated program will build trust and open lines of communication. You’ll learn more about your colleagues and you’ll discover hidden talents among your co-workers. 

For teams who don’t often come together, there’s real need to spend time outside of work tasks – to get a better feel for who team members are. There’s value in doing something fun that also produces results. 

Creating better communication – Good conversation and shared accomplishment bring people together. When you engage in a well facilitated team program you’ll have opportunity to spend quality time with everyone, seeing them in a different light. Sit back and listen as you hear someone else explaining how they meet challenges you often have to meet yourself. When you gain encouragement to share thoughts or emotions you can’t typically express at work, you’ll feel more open to honestly communicating work challenges, initiatives or frustrations. 

An organized online (a/k/a virtual) program can be surprisingly successful in helping you all feel like you’ve been hanging out…face to face. 

Creating better efficiencies – Every organization talks about the need to share best practices. Virtual team building programs allow you to work together to achieve something. Collectively, you’ll solve a problem. Such as starting with a blank canvas and ending up with a completed song. A succesful team program will draw parallels with the way you approach and solve problems in your day-to-day work life. Through team building, you’ll learn that others on your crew are meeting and trying to solve the same challenges you are. By getting to know one another better and building trust, you’ll be more likely to reach out to a colleague to see how they’ve already solved a problem that may be new to you. Imagine how much time that could save? 

Feeling less remote – Whether you’re in a cubicle in a shared office space or silo’d at your home office, the feeling of aloneness can be the same. Every relationship we have, be it work or personal, goes through cycles of openness, closedness, ease, frustration and ultimately, renewal! Even with your favorite colleague there are times when tension or miscommunication builds. Remote employees have less opportunity to get past these problems. A great program will get you past the tension and past the mis-understanding that creates needless negativity. Oddly enough, even a virtual program can accomplish this. So yes, virtual team building has real benefits. It will create outcomes you need to be happy and succeed. 

Did we say FUN…This isn’t worth doing if it isn’t fun for everyone. You shouldn’t feel like you’re working during a guided team program. The fun will be felt, the work will be invisible and the results will be tangible.