Music and team building in Detroit just go together. This Motown themed city has a rich musical heritage that you should take advantage of when you’re planning a program here. Detroit has a legendary place in popular culture and imagination. And so there’s an energy that lends itself well to Kidbilly Music’s creative and imaginative team building events.

Every organization has a story. We’ll help you tell your story through song in an interactive, fun and inclusive program, as you create, record and perform your own original songs.

Our History Of Success In Detroit

Let’s face it, team building isn’t always fun. Too often, programs range from mildly uncomfortable or boring to downright awful. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t be this way. When you choose team building in Detroit with us, you’ll be engaged in an authentic event that draws everyone in. This works because music is a part of everyone’s life. We’ll help you tap into your common experience with music, finding connections you didn’t know you had. Along the way, you’ll create and record songs that will motivate, define and inspire your organization.

team building in Detroit

When we worked with Global IT company, Logicalis, at their Detroit conference we answered a challenge they threw at us –

How can we create a session for our entire team of several hundred, to involve them, help them become more vested in their mission and message, and motivate them while doing something fun?

Believe it or not, that challenge didn’t scare us because this is what we do for all our clients with music, story and song.

We worked with IHS Automotive not long after they acquired the legendary Detroit area Polk Automotive group. We led eight teams through song sessions based around themes this client was grappling with. We helped everyone create songs about unity and the future – songs celebrating the great opportunity created by change. Mergers and acquisitions are definitely more fun when you can sing about the experience!

Thank you so much. We were able to open the song files and re-live the night again! Everyone had such a great time and I hope that we can all work together again. I’d be more than happy to talk with prospective clients that may want to hire you. You and your team were awesome! – Diane Feschenko, Manager, Global Sales Support, IHS Automotive

Options For Team Building In Detroit

Whether you’re planning a program at your hotel/conference center or if you’d like us to provide the venue, there are great options. We can kick-off or close your large conference with an interactive musical general session. We can bring your small team into a recording studio to create, record and even shoot a music video. In fact, our best new program ideas come from client requests – so don’t hesitate to share your Detroit area program wish list with us. Below are some of our common program options.

Team Songwriting

  • We kick-off all our events with an entertaining introduction and performance by our hit songwriter-facilitators.
  • Then we break everyone into teams. Each team is led by one of our songwriter-facilitators and that’s key to keeping people engaged. There’s opportunity to break into smaller sub-groups within the team breakouts.
  • When teams complete their songs, they record them and then get ready for performances. There’s opportunity for participants to play shakers, tambourines, harmonica and more.
  • Team performances with awards. Performances can take place immediately following the team songwriting sessions, or they can be held during a dinner event. Regardless of when you perform, it’s always fun as teams take the stage to show off and compete for awards.
  • There’s never any pressure to perform and no one will be singled out. You’ll be part of a group and you’ll be led by an talented songwriter performer who will give you confidence and help you feel comfortable on stage.
  • After the event: MP3 and lyric downloads of all your songs.

Conference General Sessions, Keynotes and Icebreakers

  • We begin with our entertaining introduction, creating context for our program and performing to set the stage.
  • After our program introduction, our songwriter-leaders move throughout the crowd as everyone gets involved. Ideas flow through the room as themes and lyric suggestions fill video screens. Participants share ideas via microphones and live media streams like Yammer or Twitter.
  • There’s opportunity to come up with ideas in small groups and then share back with the entire group.
  • Along the way, there’s opportunity to play percussion, harmonicas, sing and more. This interactive song session culminates with the whole crowd on their feet as we perform and record your masterpiece.
  • MP3 recordings of your song will be available shortly after your event.

A Good Time Will Be Had

We can help you harness your energy, improve your team communication and help you re-connect with your group’s foundational messages. Our songwriting process gives you opportunity to share ideas about who you are and also who you’d like to be. The music and lyrics you create will sharpen your understanding of your team’s mission and help you hone your message.

But you won’t know you’re working. Songwriting is fun. Music breaks down barriers. A good time will be had by all.

The Kidbilly Music crew, (that’s us), travel a lot. We get to lead programs for clients from across the globe. But for some reason, we always get extra excited when we book a client event in Detroit. The city is alive with the past, poised on the precipice of the future and thankfully for us, still going strong at any given moment. Detroit is just a fun city to meet in, to hang out in and to make music.

If you’re looking for great options for team building in Detroit or the surrounding metro area, let us help. From Detroit and Royal Oak to Ann Arbor and Brighton, we’ll create a memorable event for you and your team.

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