Remember that famous song lyric from, New York, New York, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”. Like any great song lyric, there’s truth in it. And with the continued success of our music based team building in New York, I can positively say we’ll make it anywhere.

We’re a team of award winning hit songwriters. We’ve won Grammy’s, Emmy’s, CMA awards and garnered Tony Award nominations. But there’s not much we like better than helping our corporate clients experience the magic of collaboration through music and song.

What You’ll Do

  • Bring your group together in a fun setting – You’ll create and record songs that will become a part of your organization’s culture. Innovation, creativity, humor, leadership, compromise, and shared goals are all part of the process of songwriting.
  • You don’t have to be musical – We’ll draw everyone in, introverts and extroverts alike. You’ll feel comfortable and believe it or not, you’ll really want to participate. Music is a part of everyone’s life. We’ll tap into that common experience through our fun and accessible program.
  • Collaborate, record and perform – You’ll share ideas, turn those ideas into lyrics and write original songs, creating powerful take-aways that are lasting reminders of what you’ve accomplished.
  • Your team, your goals – Whether you have a large group with several thousand participants or a small team looking for an in depth workshop, we have a way of working to ensure the results reflect who you are and what you need. From thirty minute icebreaker sessions to full day team building events, we’ll help you communicate, bond and create something great.

Our New York Team Building Credentials

From Broadway to Brooklyn, the Jersey shore and a whole lot more. We’ve led our team building in New York programs for small companies and the Fortune 100’s.

team building in New York can be musical

A sampling of the NYC area clients we’ve worked with include:

  • MasterCard
  • Sotheby’s
  • Unilever
  • L’Oreal
  • Pochet Glass
  • Maritz Travel
  • Smart Meetings

Program Options

General Sessions, a/k/a Keynotes

Can you get several hundred, or even a thousand people to interact, bond and create something meaningful during a keynote session? It used to be almost impossible. But with the creation of our conference ice breaker and energizer program, it’s now quite possible! For corporations, non-profits or associations, the general session keynote slot is the perfect time to bring your constituents together to learn more about each other and their shared work experience.

  • Our musical introduction will entertain and create context for the group activity as we set the stage (pardon the pun) for your large group songwriting session.
  • After our program introduction, our songwriter-leaders move throughout the crowd as we get everyone involved. As ideas flow through the room, themes and lyric suggestions fill video screens. Participants share ideas via microphones and live media streams like Yammer or Twitter.
  • Small group brainstorms and interaction – yes that still happens, even in our conference sessions! You’ll work together and then share your ideas back with the entire group.
  • Along the way, there’s opportunity to play percussion, harmonicas, sing and more. This interactive song session culminates with the whole crowd on their feet as we perform and record your masterpiece.
  • MP3 recordings of your song will be available shortly after your event.

Multi Team Events

If you’re planning an event for ten members of a small team or you annual meeting with several hundred, our team songwriting program is a great choice. Each team is led by one of our hit-songwriter facilitators. Teams members will discover more about each other, your mission and goals as you tap into your collective creative abilities to tell your story through song. Teams compete for awards in a fun and entertaining song competition.

  • As with all our events, we begin with an introduction by our songwriters. Then we break everyone into groups. There’s opportunity to break into smaller sub-groups within the team breakouts.
  • When each team completes their song they record and then get ready for team performances. Play shakers, tambourines, harmonica, sing back up or just be part of the group.
  • The program culminates as we all gather back in the main room for team performances. Performances can take place immediately following the team breakouts or they can be held during a dinner event. Regardless of when teams perform, it’s always fun as you take the stage to share your original songs and compete for awards.
  • After the event: MP3 and lyric downloads of all your songs.

Why You Should Do This

  • Fun and engagement – Fun is not frivolous. Quite to the contrary, fun has value. Picture yourself having fun…in that picture, are you bored? Fun and boredom are antithetical. When we establish fun as a baseline we’re guaranteeing engagement (opposite of boredom).
  • Openness and communication – It’s not easy to be open in your day to day work environment. When we work with groups to help them create their songs, open conversation evolves naturally. Music provides an emotional blanket. Sort of like the blanket at your picnic, it’s a foundation that sets the stage for success. In this case the foundation is open conversation; with humor and without judgement.
  • Reconnect with the positive – Every individual, every department and every organization has a unique and authentic story that describes who they are and what they do. When we cut through the noise of day to day distraction, we uncover that most people and most organizations are proud of the work they do. This is your story. When you put your narrative to music the results feel pretty good.

Powerful Take-Aways

You’ve written a hit! The songs you create are powerful organizational artifacts that remind everyone of who they are. Even if you don’t think you’re musical, you can remember the lyrics to so many songs. Those songs are, in a sense, the sound track to your life. It’s equally valuable and  important to have songs that make up the sound track of our business lives. Imagine the power of a song that touches the essence of your corporate mission or values – a song that you helped create.

New York is a crazy beautiful kind of place. Diverse culture, intense energy and robust history make the New York metropolitan area exceptionally vibrant. When we lead our music team building in New York there’s an extra edge…that intangible New York thing that inspires us to meet and surpass the expectations of our demanding clients. After all; if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere…

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