Team building workshops should be fun, inclusive, and productive. While the thought of a team building day often inspires groans, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Led by our team of award-winning songwriters, our music team building workshops will inspire your participants as you create and perform songs that celebrate your organization’s culture.

Watch An Overview of Our Team Building Programs


Musical Workshops Your Entire Team Will Enjoy

  • From sixty minute sessions to day long programs, we’ll help you get to know one another better, get on the same page and break barriers as you create songs that embody who you are and what you do.
  • You don’t have to be a singer or an extrovert. We’ll make you comfortable, we’ll make you laugh. We’ll help you tap into your creative potential.
  • As you share ideas and write your own hits, you’ll also be sharing best practices and work themes – although this won’t feel like work!
  • The songs you create, perform and record will become powerful reminders of what you’ve accomplished long after your event is a memory.
  • Our team building workshops include team songwriting, making a music video, creating musical skits, a combination of the above and more.

How To Choose The Right Team Building Program

One way to get buy-in from your group is to ask for input. Remember, there may be negative associations with team building so it’s helpful to allow your participants to feel like they’ve had a say. Ultimately, you’ll get different ideas and suggestions, so whoever is planning your event will have to decide which program you choose. Balance comfort level with challenge. Your team may not be a good fit for challenging activities like rock climbing but you don’t want to choose something boring just to be safe.

Our team building workshops provide a great balance of fun, challenge and results. Music is something everyone has in common so our programs are relatable. Music is inherently emotional and so we help you transition from your day-to-day work life to an engaging experience that draws everyone in.

I cannot thank you and your team enough for putting on such a wonderful event! We have heard so many positive comments from our team, including the fact that it was the best activity/team builder we have EVER done! The creativity and talent of your entire Kidbilly Music team is amazing. Thanks for everything! – Sarah Klein, Director, Media Delivery Team, Valassis

Format Options for Team Building Workshops

Whether your group is made up of four people or four hundred people, we’ll create a team building workshop that fits.

All our workshops begin with an entertaining spoken introduction and musical performance by our hit-songwriters. During our introduction the mood of everyone in the room will change from, “I can’t believe I have to do this” to “I can’t wait to do this”.

Team Songwriting

  • Teams create and record their own unique songs. Whether you have one team or several hundred people breaking into teams, our programs include small group work and individual contribution.
  • When there are multiple teams; after each team creates and records their songs, we all gather back in the main room for team performances. Performances can take place immediately following the team songwriting sessions, or they can be elaborate shows on stage during an evening dinner or awards event. Regardless of when you perform, it’s always fun as teams take the stage to show off and compete for awards.

Make A Music Video

  • The music video performance and filming can be a short add-on to your songwriting session. We’ll provide the camera and props. We’ll coach you on performance as we shoot video of your team performing your song.
  • OR – If you have a few hours more: You’ll plan, film and perform your music video as a short movie. We’ll provide the cameras and a coach to guide you. Everyone on your team will have roles; such as director, camera operators, wardrobe and choreographers. As you film your music video song performance, you’ll be joined by the songwriter-facilitator who helped you write your song.

Skits, Songs and Late Night TV

  • Okay, you won’t actually be on late night TV, but you can create mini-musicals with skits including dialogue and music that draws lots of laugh, creates opportunity for extensive collaboration and allows for group performances in which you’ll be your own evening entertainment.
  • This program is best for groups who will break into multiple teams.

Tell Your Story & Sing Your Song

Did we mention this is fun?  team building workshops should be fun and inclusiveFun should be a vital component of any team building program you choose. Without fun people will be bored and tune out. And you can’t fake it. We’ll draw you in with music and entertainment. Before long, everyone in the room will be contributing as you create songs based on your shared experience. Your song might be about your company in general, or a new product launch, or the mission of your team within your company.

Real Client Challenge

We led a workshop for a team working on a new product launch. Every member of this team was a leader for their division. On this new team, everyone had to work as equals, contributing their divisions’ roles and skills to the product launch. The team was having trouble working together since each member was a divisional leader.

Our Solution

We created song verses in which we invited everyone in the room to contribute a lyric line that described their individual role. As the song verses evolved, it was clear that each individual’s role was a vital piece of a larger puzzle, creating all the elements necessary for a successful product launch. Our song chorus celebrated the result of great team work; in this case the new product itself. This team’s song became a recipe for how to work together, utilizing individual skill to create a better whole. Most importantly, we had fun along the way as one line and one rhyme led to the next. The song chorus became a great ‘jingle’ describing an exciting new product.

The group’s musical performance and recording of their song became a powerful take-away and a great reminder of what they could accomplish by utilizing individual strengths while working collaboratively.