Chicago Team Building Event – 2015

The HR Kings
The client is calling, the world’s on fire
The union’s on strike, our advice is required
Headed to court, they need an injunction
Without Ius Laboris, they’d never function
Chorus: Resourceful humans in human resources
Global, local we’re joining forces
We speak the same language
We say the same thing
And when we have to, we even sing
Ius Laboris, the HR kings

Reduction in force, global demands
We work across borders like nobody can
We were the first, we’re always the best
The Alliance is proven, we stand the test

Repeat Chorus:

Termination, reorganization, we can do it in any nation
Hire ‘em, fire ‘em and everything between
The HR kings to your HR queen
Recruit, retain, we can explain
Maybe they listen, maybe not
Whatever they want we’re hot, hot hot

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Ius Laboris, the HR King

[audio:https://kidbillymusic.com/wp-content/uploads/We-Are-Ius-Laboris.mp3|titles=We’re Ius Laboris]

100 jurisdictions, 40 different time zones
46 languages, better get the coffee on
Hiring in Columbia, US data breach
Striking in Protugal
It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity
Chorus: We are the specialists
HR solutionists
No matter what the problems are
We are HR Superstars

(spoken list of participating countries)

We’re Ius Laboris
We’re Ius Laboris
We’re Ius Laboris
We’re Ius Laboris

Chorus: We are the specialists
HR solutionists
No matter what the problems are
We are HR Superstars

We can start it, we can close it
We can kill it, then we bill it

[audio:https://kidbillymusic.com/wp-content/uploads/A-Global-Alliance.mp3|titles=A Global Alliance]

If your HR is in trouble, your employee wants to sue
Hit up Ius Laboris and we’ll know what to do
Chorus: We’re a global alliance
We only have A-List clients
We’ll keep you in compliance
We’ve got labor law down to a science

If the union wants to strike
Don’t cave in, we’ll fight
Competitors are poaching your top execs
You’ve got videos of interoffice sex

Repeat Chorus:

Austria, Netherlands, USA
Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, UK
No matter where you are, you’ll be OK
We’ll make your problems go away

Repeat Chorus:

You woke up this morning and you still had a job
Then your boss went on Facebook and saw your pictures with Bob
So you got called in his office for a meeting with us
We don’t want to scare you but you should bring a cardboard box

Repeat Chorus:

[audio:https://kidbillymusic.com/wp-content/uploads/All-For-One.mp3|titles=All For One]

What’s your problem, what’s your frustration
Did a termination, facing litigation
What’s your issue, what’s the allegation
Sexual harassment and retaliation
All across the world, in every nation
We’re your solution, we’re your salvation
Chorus: We may be different but we have the same goal
We work with passion, we work with soul
From Tokyo, Chicago, Buenos Aires to Rome
The global workplace is our common home
When all is said and all is done
Ius Laboris, we’re all for one
Ius Laboris, we’re all for one

[audio:https://kidbillymusic.com/wp-content/uploads/Tigers-Of-The-Legal-Jungle.mp3|titles=Tigers Of The Legal Jungle]

Litigate, negotiate, motivate, mitigate,
Terminate for an hourly rate
Strategize, globalize, analyze, neutralize
Summarize all in heels and ties
Chorus: We are the tigers of the legal jungle
We’re out there fighting hard for you
There is no problem out there we can’t handle
At Ius Laboris that’s what we do

Operate, innovate, elevate, investigate
Just ask for a fee estimate

Repeat Chorus:

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We’re here for you