The Best Ways To Build An Effective Team 

the ingredients to building effective teams

Whether you lead a small company or are part of a large organization, the foundation to success is great teamwork. Teams are made up of individual relationships that together form a whole. With every group, interpersonal dynamics ebb and flow. Knowing how to build an effective team, or tune up an existing team, is vital to high performance and success.  Leadership, trust, communication, and collaboration are four core building blocks…

Why Your Events Need Professional Keynote Speakers

A professional keynote speaker engaging an audience

Have you ever been to a corporate event that left you feeling bored and uninterested? Let’s face it – many corporate events can be lackluster without the right kind of speakers to liven things up. That’s where professional keynote speakers come in. As experts in their field, they are skilled at delivering engaging and informative presentations that leave a lasting impact on their audience.  Advantages Of Hiring a Professional Keynote…

7 Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck 

Team building can quite frankly, seriously suck! Everyone is tired of doing trust falls that don’t actually build trust, and attending boring presentations that definitely aren’t getting anyone motivated to participate. But there are team building activities that don’t suck. Working together doesn’t have to be dull or lame!  Workshopping skills and having fun can co-exist. The goal of team building is to create a strong bond between members, and…

Team Building Activities for Creative Thinking

painting as a team building activity to boost creative thinking

Are you sitting at home telling yourself that you don’t have a creative bone in your body? You’re not alone. Only 10% of adults identify as create. But 96% of four year olds identify as creative. As children, we use creativity to figure out how the world works. We learn how to paint, draw, play music, and build things, all the while developing creative-thinking skills.  Creative thinking skills are the…

Simple Team Building Activities You Can Do Yourself

note pad for team building ideas

Keeping your workforce engaged and motivated over time is always a challenge. Balancing work with fun is important. All work and no play results in loss of engagement and motivation. So I’ve assembled a list of simple team building activities you can implement on a regular basis to keep your group rocking along. The Power Of Simple Team Building Why does putting people in a room together and giving them…

10 Unusual Team Building Activities

Team building activities have a bad rap for being monotonous and a huge time suck. No one wants to participate and it feels like a chore, but that doesn’t have to be the case this year! There are plenty of unusual team building activities out there that will get everyone excited to join in on the fun. Why do you need team building activities? Well, by taking the time to…

The Importance of Creativity in Business

a think creative graphic for your office

There is a common misconception that creativity is only for artistic individuals. Oftentimes, business and creativity aren’t thought of as ideas that coexist. You may think business is for left-brained thinkers, while creativity is for right-brained thinkers. Studies have shown that both hemispheres play huge roles in creative thinking. If creativity is so ingrained in our psyche, there is no doubt that there is importance to creativity in business.  Everyone…

Improve Remote Employee Engagement With Virtual Team Building 

The consistent advancement of technology has made it easier for us to never have to leave the comfort of our homes. Some would argue that the trend of remote work has had a negative impact on some aspects of our work life, including productivity. So as remote work continues to become the new norm, how do you improve virtual employee productivity?  You can start by implementing some of the remote…

Top 10 Creative Employee Engagement Activities

a group of funny employees at the park

Have you noticed the energy at the office dwindling? It seems like an ominous gray cloud has been parked over everyone’s cubicles for months and there is no sign of it breaking up. Sounds like your company is in desperate need of some creative employee engagement activities.  In an era where people spend one-third of their lives working, it’s crucial to keep employees engaged. Introducing elements of fun in the…

How to Find and Hire a Keynote Speaker

Cartoon of an entertaining keynote speaker

An essential part of planning a corporate event is to find and hire a keynote speaker. The responsibility of a good speaker is to help set the tone for your conference and to motivate and inspire your attendees. It’s worth it to take time to find a motivational keynote speaker who will keep everyone entertained and awake!  Events can easily fall short when you don’t bring in a good speaker….

The Benefits of Team Building Events and Workshops

a map to better team building

If you’ve found yourself searching for the best ways to benefit your employees, you’re finally in the right place. I’m a big believer in the benefits of team building events and workshops. These activities can cultivate relationships, inspire, and help people discover their strengths and weaknesses.  Team building events can spice up the ordinary workday. We all start to get lost in a fog when we’ve been living in mundanity….