Return On Inspiration – The New ROI

Is return on inspiration really a thing? Yes, it’s a powerful thing. It’s a way of re-framing how you think about ROI. Chasing return on inspiration will help you create a more innovative culture within your team and within your company. If you learn about ROInspiration® and take time to integrate this into your work life you’ll see tangible return – the kind you can eventually quantify. I’d Never Heard Of ROI I’ve been a full time musician, pianist and songwriter since I was nineteen years old. I was in my mid-forties before I first heard the term ROI. It wasn’t until I began bringing my interactive musical programs to corporate events that I was confronted with this question from… Read more »

Tips and Advice for Creating Fun Team Building Parties

  Who doesn’t love a party? Well, actually some people say they don’t like parties. But in reality, everyone likes parties that they like. Sound like a riddle? If you’re at a party that’s fun for you; if you’re at a place or with a crowd you feel comfortable with, then you’ll have a good time. So yes, you do like parties. You just have to be at the right kind of party for you. Team building parties are the same way. They can be good, bad, happy or sad. Team building parties can make you feel isolated or out of your element. Or they can give you confidence and help you feel a better sense of belonging and camaraderie…. Read more »

Team Building Retreats

Team building retreats are incredibly valuable. I wish they happened more often. I’m going to share some ideas about team building retreats but first; why don’t they happen more often? A retreat implies more than just a couple of hours away from the office. A company retreat should be at least a full day, even longer. Wow! When was the last time you were able to carve an entire day or more out of your team’s busy work schedule? It does seem daunting, near impossible. But I’m here to argue there’s deep, long and satisfying results that come from team building retreats. A company retreat will allow your team to reignite and rediscover their passion for their work and for… Read more »

How To Be Creative

painting as creative exercise

One of the things I most often hear my clients say is, “I don’t know how to be creative. I’d like to be but I don’t know where to start – and I don’t know if I even have it.” Like the it is some magic thing that you’ve either got or you don’t. This reminds me of a very old joke. It’s ancient but still relevant. A visitor to New York City needs directions and he asks a passing musician, “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall”. The musician answers, “Practice, practice, practice!” The implication and the truism is that creative competency can be acquired and refined through practice; by applying yourself. This sounds pretty dry and… Read more »

Do Corporate Team Building Events Increase ROI?

I’m so very careful when I talk about the ROI of team building. Metrics are hard to come by. And I’m not one to exaggerate to try to gain new business. But there is ROI from corporate team building on two levels. From my perspective as a life long creative type I know well the value of ROInspiration®. Inspiration boosts engagement and the sense of ownership team members feel for group mission. This opens the door to innovative problem-solving. What To Expect From Your Corporate Team Building Event The first thing you need to determine is what you expect from your corporate team building event. A one day, half day or several hour program won’t change your culture for the… Read more »

Sales Meeting Icebreakers Everyone Can Use

Sales meeting icebreakers can have a dual purpose. First of all, a good icebreaker activity has value in and of itself since it will help build your team’s camaraderie and communication. Additionally, some of the icebreakers you practice internally can become great tools your sales team can use when they meet with new or existing customers. It’s always important to make a quick connection and put a potential customer at ease and effective icebreakers will do this. Sharing common experience and building relationships are vital to establishing customer loyalty so don’t think that icebreakers are for internal use only. Icebreakers Are Easy But Not Just Fluff I’m not a huge fan of the term, icebreaker, because it has connotations of… Read more »

Team Building During A Merger

Team building during a merger is a must. During the course of your usual work year you might argue the tangible benefits of team building. But if you’re involved with a merger or acquisition you need to make time for group work to address the concerns that change brings. One of the concerns with any merger is attrition. Some employees will leave on their own and you may let some go but you won’t want to lose too many of the talented and experienced people you gain when you come together with another organization. No matter how much lip service you pay to reassuring your workforce that everything’s gonna be alright, there will be uncertainty and fear. You must provide… Read more »

Group Music Activities That Drive Results and ROI

  Are group music activities worthwhile for business groups or teams? If I say yes, can I prove it? These are questions I’m sometimes asked by potential clients who want to focus on ROI when considering a music team building activity. I think that bringing music to your work team is a must. Group music activities are worthwhile and they do yield ROI. You may have to re-frame your concept of return just a bit. And I’ll help you do that after we talk about the reasons musical programs are so valuable for corporate groups. Music Activities Hit Home Think of the wonderful cliches we use everyday that revolve around music. Need a ‘tune-up’, working in ‘harmony’, not the same ole ‘song’ and dance…. Read more »

Great Icebreakers for Large Groups

I don’t often like icebreakers for large groups. It’s really hard to find fun and effective activities that work with lots of people. In fact, I’d never thought much about trying to develop an effective large group session until a client asked me what I could do for a group of 1,700 people in about 45 minutes. That’s a really big group and the request was daunting. But I was intrigued. It seems there’s a real demand for compelling conference icebreakers and activities that can be scaled up for lots of participants. My Successful Musical Icebreaker I’m going to speak first from personal experience and offer broad advice along the way that you can use. I think the following story of how I created a cool… Read more »

The Magic of Team Building Exercises

Can team building exercises really be magical? Yes, I believe they can. And I’ve seen the magic happen. I’ve seen the cynical come in and leave reunited with belief in the mission. I’ve seen the disengaged come in and leave filled with motivation and enthusiasm. I’ve seen the out-of-focus come in and leave with goals and action steps. But is team building usually magical? Unfortunately, no. I stopped being surprised a long time ago by the negative reactions of people when they see team building on their agenda. Too often team building exercises make people feel like children. And not in a good childlike enthusiastic way. But rather in a uncomfortable, put on the spot, middle school way. Team building can and… Read more »

Ten Team Building Event Ideas

Great team building event ideas come in many different varieties. Don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s only one ideal team building event for your group. In fact, the most effective team building comes from a series of small and ongoing efforts that can positively impact your workplace. I’m in the business of delivering team building programs and corporate events, so of course I love it when clients reach out to me for professional help. But there are great things you can do without bringing in an external team building facilitator. To get you started, here are ten team building event ideas that are fun and productive. You can organize all of these yourself. 10 Fun & Effective Team Builders Picture… Read more »