Why Your Events Need Professional Keynote Speakers

A professional keynote speaker engaging an audience

Have you ever been to a corporate event that left you feeling bored and uninterested? Let’s face it – many corporate events can be lackluster without the right kind of speakers to liven things up. That’s where professional keynote speakers come in. As experts in their field, they are skilled at delivering engaging and informative presentations that leave a lasting impact on their audience.  Advantages Of Hiring a Professional Keynote…

How to Find and Hire a Keynote Speaker

Cartoon of an entertaining keynote speaker

An essential part of planning a corporate event is to find and hire a keynote speaker. The responsibility of a good speaker is to help set the tone for your conference and to motivate and inspire your attendees. It’s worth it to take time to find a motivational keynote speaker who will keep everyone entertained and awake!  Events can easily fall short when you don’t bring in a good speaker….

Why Public Speaking Is One Of The Most Important Skills

Discussions of public speaking courses bring up sitcom-like memories for some—and complete panic for others. From high school to college to professional training programs, the element of improved speaking looms large in many educational settings. While fears of speaking in public (and overcoming them) are the topic of many articles, the reasons for mastering the skill aren’t always apparent to non-performers. However, from the most minute of public speaking responsibilities to…

Fear Of Public Speaking

A while back I wrote an article on how to be a better public speaker. But after an event I was at last week, it’s occurred to me that for many of us, before we can focus on how to be a better speaker, we may have to conquer our abject fear of public speaking. There’s a great Seinfeld quote that summarizes how deep this fear goes, “According to most…