Team Building Lunch

Team building during lunch is a great solution because it fits into a set time limit and it can be DIY or professionally facilitated. And very importantly, everybody gets to eat a good lunch! If done effectively, your colleagues will love this. This could be good news for your talent retention rate, employee engagement, company culture, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Fun Group Activities In Nashville

Songwriting is a great group activity in Nashville.jpg

In 2013, the New York Times coined Nashville as the new “it” city. Maybe they’ve made this claim about other cities since, but make no mistake; Nashville is no flavor of the week…or even of the year. We’re still growing, entertaining and booming five years later. This means more companies than ever are looking for fun and unique group activities in Nashville.

Fun Ideas For Team Building During Dinner

Many teams find it difficult to make time for bonding and building trust. A work group that acquires shared trust will perform better, so working on team dynamics is vital. But unfortunately, most people’s agendas are jam packed and while team building is important, it often gets pushed aside. With this in mind, I’m no longer surprised when I hear from clients wanting to know if I have any great ideas for team building during dinner. Whether it’s a local event for your group or part of your annual convention, dinner is always on the agenda. The good news is you can get two things done at once by taking part in team building during dinner. Why Put Team Building… Read more »

Corporate Event Ideas

It’s not easy to continually come up with great corporate event ideas. Whether you’re a professional meeting planner or someone within a company who has been tasked with gathering ideas for your next corporate event, it can be a challenge to find programs that seem fresh and that will appeal to your attendees. The search for new programming is somewhat of a creative process. To find new ideas, you need to be creative! So as an expert on creativity and how to use it, I thought I’d share my thoughts in order to help you successfully search for those great corporate event ideas. I’ll also include some specifics about programs that I’m fond of. How To Find What You’re Looking… Read more »

A Guide To Chicago Team Building Programs

  Every city has a unique personality that influences what it offers to both visitors and it’s local workforce. When we opened our office for Chicago team building programs back in 2013, I was convinced that bringing musical programming to the Windy City would be a good fit. It has been a good fit and our Chicago crew has grown steadily along with our client base. I’ve also met other Chicago team building facilitators who do great work, offering everything from trapeze programs to sailing, improv and more. Here’s a guide to some of my favorites. Team Building Favorites Singing the blues and more – Chicago has a rich and dynamic music tradition. It’s the home for urban blues, jazz, and it’s… Read more »

4 Team Building Activities Using Music

I stumbled onto on article on about team building activities using music and it made me realize I haven’t yet shared my own ideas and recommendations. Below are team building activities using music that I really like. There are several great activities outside the realm of the programming my company offers. Some of these are do it yourself ideas. Others require bringing in outside musicians with team building expertise. DIY Team Building Activities Using Music Do it yourself ideas are always great because you’re in control of when and where. They are activities you can do whenever you want, without the expenditure of having to bring in experts like me! One simple thing you can do as an icebreaker activity is… Read more »

A Guide to Nashville Team Building Activities

  So much has changed since I first wrote this guide to Nashville team building activities back in 2011. So I’m updating it now in order to share what’s new (fall 2017). Nashville, a/k/a Music City, has grown by leaps and bounds. While music based programs will always be cornerstone for Music City, we now have options for almost any time of team program you can think of. But that being said, I think it’s valuable to try and match a city’s personality with the type of program you choose. For example, if you’re in Los Angeles you might want a movie making team experience. In Colorado you might lean toward white water rafting. So it’s apropos to consider exercising… Read more »