I’m not big on metrics but when I see supporting evidence of what I’ve instinctively known to be true, I’ll jump on it! So I was thrilled to read Gallup’s research, “the path from the individual engagement elements to financial performance is stronger than the path from financial performance to engagement.” When your employees feel a sense of ownership you will reap financial rewards. However, financial compensation, in and of itself, does not necessarily promote engagement.

I just got off the phone with a client who wanted advice about free team building activities he could employ at his company to boost retention. I sent him a copy of my eBook, Every Day Team Building – see link above. This guide includes fun, interactive ideas your team can utilize to boost camaraderie and shared problem solving. My client had come to the realization that while his younger employees were well compensated that wasn’t enough to keep them. The new workforce demands engagement on a level not previously required to build loyalty and retention. They need to relate on a visceral level to company mission and to share a sense of purpose and meaning. The good news is, this young workforce is willing to work hard and contribute when they feel like they’re part of the team.There are great tips here from inc.com highlighting 9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money. I think it’s a worthwhile reference.

Clients enjoy success with team building activities as a catalyst to improve engagement.

  • Practicing every day team building can grow involvement long term.
  • With more and more supporting evidence, it’s no longer a stretch to allocate resources for programs that boost workforce buy-in.
  • Smart companies are now embracing team building and enjoying not only the programs themselves, but the results that come from a having a unified and engaged workforce.
Nothing takes the place of interactive fun - building teams

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