Are you setting your team building goals for next year? Perhaps you are starting with improving processes and procedures among your team or maybe improving training across your department or improving productivity. Whether you have a long list of goals to reach or are scratching your head over the idea of where to begin implementing improvements, we have created a list of team resolutions to include in your 2016 planning.
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Team Building Resolution #1: Pre-Plan Unique Events and Activities

Used to scrambling last minute to pull together all the elements of your team events? Make 2016 the year you have a cohesive strategy and purpose for every event. From early announcements to fun icebreakers, mapping out your event in advance will contribute a lot to improving your results.

Team Building Resolution #2: Incorporate Team Building Elements Into Everything

You don’t need a special event or focused conference to include team building. Learn to include these elements into your regular meetings and routine office work to keep your group engaged and on task.

Team Building Resolution #3: Take Better Post Event Surveys For Feedback

Do you do the most you can with the data at your disposal? One of the best ways to improve your events is to listen to your attendees’ feedback. Make sure to use a post-event survey to gather insights and information into their feelings and takeaways to get a better perspective on whether your events are effective. Ideally, the survey should be conducted immediately after the event so that attendees have their feelings fresh in their mind.

Team Building Resolution #4: Set Attainable Goals

Define the goals for your team activity and strategies to meet them effectively through ongoing review and adherence to priorities. Make sure to keep goals realistic by making them easy to understand and attain. Then work with team members to establish additional goals that directly reflect a natural progression in goal attainment.

Team Building Resolution #5: Get Commitment From Management

Have your managers and C-levels routinely dismissed or questioned your team devlopment activities? This year, outline your strategies, goals and processes early and often to get “buy-in” from upper management. To truly be successful, you will want the support and advocacy of the main directors and leadership in the company, which means getting them to understand and agree with your goals.

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