Los Angeles Team Building

Posted: Dec 26, 2012 by in Blog, News, Team Building

We often have requests for Los Angeles team building and we have a long list of west coast clients. While we travel worldwide for our music team building programs, Southern California is definitely in our frequent rotation. Every locale has a personality that influences the programming and the particular energy we bring to our events in those areas. Los Angeles team building is loose and laid back, yet still purposeful and meaningful and I think that’s reflective of LA culture.

Music Team Building for Los Angeles

  • Our music team building programs are relaxed and interactive. Groups holding meetings or conventions in Los Angeles often want programs that support a conference atmosphere of informality and open communication.
  • Not only are musical programs open and informal, they provide powerful opportunities for groups to become more innovative and to develop new lines of communication among team members.
  • With our music team building programs, clients create powerful take-aways, Your Company Songs. We bring in original melodies and help groups brainstorm and share the essence of what differentiates each team or each company. Songs are powerful, they’re accessible and they’re memorable because they combine story with the emotion of music.
Los Angeles team building

Whether you’re planning a program with your small leadership team, or with 10,000 members of your association, we have options that will work. If you’re thinking about team building in which your group breaks into several teams we can do that! Each team will work with a hit songwriter-facilitator to create their own song. Then everyone gathers together for team song performances with awards. If you’re looking for a conference ice breaker or an interactive KeyNote session, we’ll help your entire group of attendees create a song in a fast paced interactive large group event that culminates with everyone performing and recording your song.

Los Angeles Team Building Take Aways

  • A rousing, unifying program that gets creativity flowing and opens lines of communication
  • Information sharing en masse; from your middle managers to your EVP’s, everyone will share aspects of what they do – as you all work together to tell your story and sing your song.
  • For any team building program to be great, it has to be fun. Music really does break down barriers and draws people in – everyone relates to music on some level. We make the music accessible and relatable. Rhyming, feeling, moving and celebrating are attributes you associate with a great concert performance or a night out at a club, listening to your favorite band. With our Los Angeles team building programs, you’ll become your own favorite band!