Building Team Trust

Posted: Mar 11, 2011 by in Blog

I remember now – lots of team building programs are based on establishing trust; ropes courses, games with blindfolds etc. I hadn’t thought about this recently, since I’m so focused on our musical team building program and our most often used buzz words are creativity, innovation and engagement. When I read Steve Farber’s great blog article on trust this week, it got me thinking about how integral that is to everything we do with teams. Steve discusses how employees honored the trust extended to them by a leader, and how the freedom that came with that trust led to great results – some of them counter-intuitive. This line of thinking has led me to some questions. How do you know when to extend trust, how much to extend, what kind of trust to extend? And that line of questioning reminded me of my good friend David Hutchens, who is just about to release a wonderful book called, A Slice of Trust. David’s book answers some of the questions I have, and you may have, in a humorous and easy to absorb format.

The optimal push-pull of trust and limits is an age old challenge and an important subject for leaders to understand and utilize wisely. That’s why I’m going to end this post today here, urging you to check out Steve’s blog and David’s forthcoming book. They both inspire me, and I hope they’ll inspire you too!

Billy Kirsch