Having access to great trust-building ideas is vital since team trust building is a valuable and necessary component to every successful team’s strategy. Although your team is centered around business, interpersonal relationship building is important. Trust is a foundational element that all high performing teams share and building trust takes time and commitment. It requires open communication and respect, all traits that come with shared experience.

In order to build trust, you need to allow yourself to rely on other people within your team. When you rely on someone and they come through for you, the seeds of trust are planted. The more you do this the more team performance improves. The best team trust building ideas include activities that model risk and reward – the ‘relying on and getting back’ aspects that groups need to succeed.

Trust Building Ideas Worth Considering

  • How about a day on the Trapeze! There are trapeze schools that provide corporate team bonding events. You know this will build trust since you’re above the ground relying on your teammates to allow you to swing through the air. The good news is, there’s a net. In your day-to-day business life, there isn’t always a net, and that’s why you need your teammates to have your back.
  • How about a day on the River! Whitewater rafting scares the heck out of me. Yet I continue to embark on a whitewater raft trip whenever I have the chance. I’m always genuinely scared before I start. I’m always genuinely sorry I let myself get talked into signing up for another adventure. Yet I always do it. And afterwards – I can’t describe the sense of joy, pride and accomplishment I feel at the bottom of the river…still alive. Rafting requires teamwork including quick and clear communication, hard work and trust. The sense of shared accomplishment will carry over to your day-to-day team performance.

    team trust building

    This can be considered risky

  • How about a song! Songs aren’t risky or adventurous in the same way that trapeze or rafting is. But there are different kinds of risk and adventure that model what your team experiences in your business life. An open brainstorming session requires lots of risk and trust. It’s risky to float an idea out there when you’re scared you’ll be judged for it. Trust develops when you float an idea, have it batted back and forth within your team as it gets accepted-rejected-changed-accepted-rejected-changed etc. Songwriting is a great combination of story (yours), brainstorming combined with laughter and emotion. The process can be a powerful trust builder and is always inspiring.

If you have your own team trust building ideas for 2014, please share them in the comments section below. There are many great activities, and high performing teams know that they need to set aside time for team bonding on an ongoing basis.




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