It’s Halloween so I thought I’d talk about the monster that is scary team building. It’s real and it’s out there all year, not just on Halloween. I love this article with 10 horrifying team building experiences. These scary team building ideas make me laugh, mostly because I can’t believe someone actually planned them for their team.
You wouldn’t be laughing if you had to partake in team building like this, but these cautionary tales are entertaining.

I often hear from prospective clients that the don’t like team building, and they’re skeptical that the experience can be either fun or valuable. I guess this guy below was in charge of their previous team building programs.

scary team building

Don’t let this guy plan your team building day

Scary, intimidating, uncomfortable; It doesn’t have to be this way. The point of team building is to build trust and accessibility. It shouldn’t be a test of wills.

Put An End To Scary Team Building

Experiences that invite growth are often challenging. And challenge is a good thing. Stepping outside of normal day-to-day business experience with your team is a good idea. With thought, consideration and planning you can come up with team building that accomplishes your goals, that challenges your team, yet is genuinely fun and accessible.

  • Find a team building facilitator who will listen to you. Speak with several team building facilitators and make sure to work with someone who takes time to understand the personality of your team and your goals.
  • Differentiate between challenge and intimidating. Using Lego’s to create your group vision, writing songs, painting or making a movie are examples of team building that’s challenging, and might even seem intimidating to some. Yet with planning and good facilitation, activities like this become accessible and fun for all because they tap into common experience in a new way.
  • Self-propelled: Good team building is not forced. Fun happens when it comes from you and your team members.

Good luck, and happy Halloween!

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