The Team Building Presentation You Want

Posted: Jun 7, 2013 by in Blog, Team Building

This is sort of a paradox to me, the concept of a team building presentation. You see, I’m not a big fan of presentations as such. I get fidgety easily. I want to be engaged and entertained. But during a typical team building presentation I’m usually merely a passive recipient of information. I confess, I titled this blog post The Team Building Presentation You Want to suck you in and then tell you this…what you don’t want for team building is a presentation!
team building presentation

The Team Building Presentation You Don’t Want

Have you ever had to sit through a colleague’s presentation that went sort of like this, “Ladies and gentleman I’ve done some research, stayed up all night and created this really interesting power point that will show us all how to improve our teamwork, increase our trust and performance”….zZzZzZzZ. You don’t want this.

The Team Building Presentation You Do Want

The best kind of team building is the kind in which everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets into it. You can choose ropes courses, an amazing race expedition, team building with Lego’s (lots of fun), or music team building. All of the aforementioned are highly interactive and will draw your team in. I don’t consider these to be presentations as much as team building activities. And that’s important. You want the ‘active’ part of the word activity. I recently gave a team building presentation in Seattle that was highly interactive. A group of over 100 strangers bonded, laughed together, made music and created a song because the structure was interactive and active. Take a look.

Know Your Goals

When I get a call from a potential client, I ask a lot of questions before I say too much. I want to understand a team’s goals for their team building program. Quite often, clients aren’t really sure of their goals. They’ve been told it’s time to do some team building so they call me. I help the establish the why’s, the how’s and the expected results.

  • Establish your goals for your team building presentation
  • Talk to several team building facilitators and make sure he/she is listening to your expectations
  • Focus on interactive and engaging programs – forget the old fashioned presentation
  • I hope you’ll visit my program page

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  1. Katherine

    Thoroughly informative and enjoyable post! I like the emphasis on how important and beneficial it is to incorporate a sense of fun and activity into team building otherwise it becomes quite mundane and ineffective.