Bad day at work. Another bad day at work. Followed by a bad day at work. It could be a personal problem. Or it could mean your organization needs a team builder. We’re all aware of the momentum sports teams have. There’s an intangible confidence, creativity and energy when a team’s in the zone. And conversely, when a team needs a team builder, or a tune up, there’s a lack of confidence, creativity and energy.

When A Team Builder

When teams are performing at a high level, each team member functions well at his or her individual job, showing initiative and energy. Each person then partners with team members as everyone compliments and supports each other – the whole is much larger than the sum of the parts. But even high performing teams lose focus. That’s when an established team needs a team builder.

you need a team builder

These folks need a team builder for sure!

Teams that are newly forming may need a team builder to help establish relationships and most importantly, to build trust. It’s hard to delegate or share tasks without trust. A great team is made up of members who compliment each other and trust is a part of that.

Teams that are on-boarding lots of new colleagues definitely need a team builder to integrate established employees with the recent hires. This is a challenge often faced after a merger and acquisition.

Get Input About A Team Builder

You should survey your team in a way that invites honest conversation about the state you’re in. If you’re noticing that your team is off it’s rhythm you’re probably not the only one. An important part of being a leader is inviting input and being a good listener. Teams that are built to last have leaders who are regarded as team members and not just distant bosses.

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