How To Give Great Team Building Speeches

Posted: Feb 19, 2013 by in Blog

Great team building speeches are presentations that inspire a group of people to want to work together and to share common vision. Simply put, it’s something that gets everyone in the room excited and inspired about the same thing. Additionally, effective keynote speaking for team building needs to leave audience members with a plan of action – something each individual can to do follow up on the inspiration they feel when they leave the room.

Writing Team Building Speeches

Here’s a fantastic article with speech writing tips. Fantastic because it uses the “Gettysburg Address” as an outline to help you create great team building speeches.

  • Keep it short
  • Be full of heart
  • Show your purpose
  • End on a powerful call to action

When I started giving speaking presentations I memorized everything and practiced out loud. It takes time to become comfortable in front of a group. And there’s no teacher like experience. But until you have lots of experience, practice and memorization will stand you well. I believe the most important element to any presentation – be it music, dance, theater or a speech, is timing and length. How often have you been drawn in at the beginning of a presentation, only to tune out after the speaker rambles on for too long? Too often, I’m sure!

Great team building speeches

Delivering The Best Team Building Speeches

So let’s say you’ve done your homework; created great content that’s relevant to your group, practiced and whittled down your presentation. How do you ensure that your speech will be well received? You have to make sure you’re delivering your honest self as part of the package. No one can be you like you can! So tap into whatever makes you unique and go with that. I’m assuming that if you’re speaking about a specific subject, then you’re sincerely into it. So don’t be afraid to channel your genuine emotion. Be in the moment with the audience and be real. Your audience will connect with that, and you’ll be a success.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech is a powerful example of a great orator sharing unbridled emotion, passion and power.