Music team building is a niche but rapidly expanding corner of the team building industry. Supported by a mix of creativity and innovation, it provides attendees with an inspirational combination of key elements that (when done right) make for some pretty serious and amazing results. But achieving this kind of synergy and output isn’t without some “magic”—magic in the form of specific elements you need to make sure are included in your next music team building event.

5 key elements music team building

A Professional Musician As Facilitator

There are plenty of organizers offering to host your next music team building event—but not all come with the awards and accolades that a professional musician brings to the table. Skip the second (or lower) tier offers and choose facilitators with awards and nominations from major organizations (think CMAs, Tonys, Grammys, etc).

An Engaged Team

Of course, the point of all of this is to engage and inspire your team—but putting in some pre-event effort to get team members excited and ready to engage will go a long way in making sure you have a great music team building experience. Use pre-conference icebreakers or day-of event energizers to create an engaged team ripe for musical team building success.

An Enticing Event Venue

Conference rooms, meeting rooms and hotels are just a few of the many options for the location of a music team building activity. The activity itself is interesting enough to gain attention but you will likely see your event go even further if you choose the right location. Whether you are shipping your team from the UK to Nashville for a full blown Music City event or are a Chicago-based company looking for the right local Chicago team building activity, emphasizing your city and its attractions can help you improve your team building results.

A Relaxed Atmosphere

Want to see your employees really bond over their team building? Encourage them to let loose. You may be amazed how many of our attendees let their hair down and share their creative inspirations once they are not afraid of scrutiny. Skip the buttoned-up environment and opt for attendees to feel comfortable and relaxed.

A Clear Purpose and Music Team Building Goal

Bringing together new team members or hoping to inspire improved performance? Perhaps your team is responsible for a new creative campaign or simply in need of inspired innovation. Music team building can address these challenges in a productive and collaborative format but to get the best results, you need to have a clear, stated purpose at the outset. Be sure to share your goals with your team building facilitator so they can design the right program to meet your specific needs.

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