Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities

Most companies know that giving back to community is more than just a responsibility, it’s a chance to show that the company and it’s employees genuinely care about being part of community. It’s great when you can plan corporate social responsibility team building activities that are really fun. It’s impactful when people are enthused about the activities they’re participating in. It’s great to plan a CSR event with team building that supports both your organization and the greater community. Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activities If you’ve ever considered CSR team building, I’m sure you know about build-a-bike. The program’s been around for some time now. It’s real team building because groups have to work together to build bicycles, requiringContinue Reading

Corporate Event Ideas

Coordinating an event for your team or business isn’t an easy task. In fact, taking the steps from informal brainstorming to planning and executing a company retreat or convention can be daunting. The first step is to decide you’re going to hold an event. Assuming you’ve done this, you need plans to ensure there will be ROI for your time and investment. To be successful you’ll need to find solid corporate event ideas you can bring to your event planning group. Choosing A Theme Will Help As a hit songwriter, I learned a long time ago that a hook (or theme) is very important. The hook is the the catchy thing, usually the song title, repeated in the chorus. WhileContinue Reading

Keynote Speakers: Hire a Conference Energizer Instead

I’ve participated in lots of conferences, both as an audience member and a speaker. So I have strong opinions about the character that keynote speakers should bring to your event. When you’re hiring keynote speakers, make sure she or he is a good speaker. Sounds obvious – but the delivery of the message is as important as the message itself. Keynote Speakers Who Help You Nap Let’s say you’ve researched the focus and topic of your event and you’ve narrowed down speakers to people who are related thematically with what your doing. You may think you’re almost there, but you’re not. Let’s say you’re organizing a conference on economics. Would you want this guy to speak? Yep, you can’t beatContinue Reading

4 Corporate Team Building Activities Your Company Will Love

So many corporate team building activities to choose from, so much on your to-do list. Hopefully, I can help you sort through the process and narrow down your choices. Any short list is arbitrary, but below are some fun and productive events worth considering. Adventure Getaways Does your team thrive on adventure? It may not, and there are great options for teams that don’t want to go outside. But for groups that get excited at the mere thought of a field trip with challenges, take a look at this video on zip-lining in Scotland. There are ropes course programs worldwide. This video looks like fun for companies near the UK. Adventure getaways are trust building exercises. They require relying onContinue Reading

4 Team Building Activities Using Music

I stumbled onto this article about team building activities using music, and it made me realize I haven’t yet shared ideas I like – some of which are outside the realm of the programming we offer. So below are team building activities using music you can do yourself, or hire someone to help you with. DIY Team Building Activities Using Music Do it yourself ideas are always great because they are activities you can sustain without having to bring in experts, like me. Here’s a program you can facilitate for your corporate team. Have someone pick a favorite melody from a well-known song and bring in a karaoke track of that song. Put up a couple of flip chartsContinue Reading

6 Great Sites to Find Chicago Events

I got a call the other day, (that sounds like the first line of a song, doesn’t it…) But anyway, I got a call the other day about our Chicago team building events. The answer’s yes we’re available, ha hah. And as much as I love Nashville, there’s a reason we’re opening a second office soon in Chicago. There’s a lot to do in Nashville, but there’s sooo much to do in Chicago. Since we’re on the road all the time, team building from Seattle (this week) to Mississippi (next month) to Dallas (May), I could live anywhere. But Chicago just has something I’m digging. A lot of somethings! So I thought I’d put together a few resources to helpContinue Reading

Nashville Team Building Fights Fear of Singing

I’ve lost my share of Nashville team building work because people are afraid to sing. I’ve heard the following comment more than a few times,  “I love the idea, but my VP is scared to do anything that puts himself out there. I think we’re going to go bowling instead…” Hey, I think bowling can be risky too, at least if you bowl like I do. But on a serious note, I’d like to de-stigmatize the fear of singing. When it comes to our music team building events, the fear is about the fear itself. The singing is actually quite fun, and quite safe. If These Two Can Do It So Can You! I’m being a bit facetious by usingContinue Reading

Best Corporate Team Building Locations

The best corporate team building location is wherever you are…   Really? Yes, really…   Because what you’re doing is more important than where you are. The best corporate team building will always be a program that’s guided by your objectives and your concerns. Are you in need of unification after a merger & acquisition? Do you need to build trust after downsizing? Do you just want to have fun? Figuring out your objectives is the first critical step to planning a successful team building activity. Corporate Team Building, Anywhere So let’s assume you’ve bought into my argument above and you’ve defined just why you’re planning a team building event. At that point, you can begin to plug your objectives into availableContinue Reading

Team Building Chicago Events and Activities

We’re still gearing up for our opening of  HQ2 (headquarters number two) which will be in Chicago. So I did a Google search on Team Building Chicago to see what my competition’s gonna look like. I use the word competition lightly. Because I tend to be friends with the great folks who are as passionate about team building as I am. Team building Chicago turns up great resources and reveals a lot of breadth and depth. Team Building Chicago Events My friends at Bizbash posted a good list of ideas that can be done all over the city. Yeah, we’ve all done too many scavenger hunts – but one that enables you to eat your way through Lincoln Park soundsContinue Reading

How To Give Great Team Building Speeches

Great team building speeches are presentations that inspire a group of people to want to work together and to share common vision. Simply put, it’s something that gets everyone in the room excited and inspired about the same thing. Additionally, effective keynote speaking for team building needs to leave audience members with a plan of action – something each individual can to do follow up on the inspiration they feel when they leave the room. Writing Team Building Speeches Here’s a fantastic article with speech writing tips. Fantastic because it uses the “Gettysburg Address” as an outline to help you create great team building speeches. Keep it short Be full of heart Show your purpose End on a powerful callContinue Reading