Music Team Building Activities

It’s kinda obvious that our company is all about music team building activities. But my clients often ask me how and why I transitioned from writing hit songs to leading Team Building Through Song®. It’s a great question and the answer is; it was all a happy accident.

Much of the world’s best creative output is based on happy accidents. Creative people love to experiment, they love to take chances and they love to go down roads marked, do not enter. While I don’t think of myself as a risk-taker type of personality, I guess the thing with me is that I tend not to let the risks stop me from proceeding. And proceed is just what I did about six years ago after stumbling into the first of what became many music team building activities. When my team and I create songs with our corporate clients we’re all in the moment together; brainstorming, rhyming, laughing and having some serious fun. That experience is not so different from when I’m on stage performing my own songs or in the studio making a record. Combined with my personal avocational passion for education, team building with music actually seems like a natural or inevitable path for me to take. Happy accident or inevitable path – two sides of the same creative coin.

Music Team Building Activities Work!

music team building activities

Once I started down this path it took over my life. It took over my life because the program we deliver works. That success created demand very quickly. That demand created Kidbilly Music and brought me to where I am now – in the most fun part of my long accidental career.

Why This Works…

  • Music is a universal language. You don’t have to be a musician to speak the language.
  • Every every organization has a compelling story to tell. Songs help us tell our stories and help us understand the essence of who we are. When you create your company song, you’ll better articulate your past, your present and your future. You’ll discover, or re-discover, what’s most important to your organization.
  • Every once in a while, a team or organization has to collectively venture past the do not enter sign. That’s where innovation takes place.
  • Don’t you want to be where innovation takes place? I think you do…
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