Baltimore is in our event rotation. It’s a destination city with a wonderful downtown waterfront harbor area that attracts corporate meetings and conventions. I always enjoy the opportunity to lead our music team building Baltimore programs and to spend time in that great city. So I was excited when Sodexo asked us to work with their Offer Development team in November.

Team Building Client Goals

  • The Sodexo Offer Development group wanted to find an interactive icebreaker program that would speak to the challenges required of a team focused on creativity and innovation.
  • They wanted to provide an experience that would help a newly formed team bond in a short period of time, keeping everyone together, yet providing plenty of interaction.
  • Music was an important theme that ran through the conference. So this group was actually looking for music team building Baltimore, a good fit for us.

It’s hard to deliver an icebreaker program for a group of about 80 that provides enough interaction and engagement to achieve real results. But with music as a common denominator, and as an emotional starting point to break the ice, we’re able to get everyone quickly invested in the process. Songs tell stories, and songwriters are storytellers. We helped the members of this Offer Development team become storytellers as they highlighted the focus of their work, their goals and their challenges.
music team building Baltimore

As this team discussed their work and their challenges, we helped them integrate that discussion into a very creative process, songwriting. A good song will take lots of data and distill that information into a succinct and powerful message. We start with broad thinking, and use the editing process that songwriters use, to discover the essence of a team’s mission and their message. It’s a message that has lasting emotional impact because it’s married to a melody.

Team Building Baltimore That Sings

Imagine how easy it is for you to sing the lyrics to dozens and dozens of songs. When you create your own company song, it creates lasting impression, much like the other songs that make up the fabric of your life. At the end of our team building Baltimore session this group came away with something very meaningful – The memory of a great time had by all, and a song that tells their story.

About Billy Kirsch

Billy is a Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA & ACM award winning songwriter with numerous Top 10 hits to his credit. His team building programs and keynote speaking presentations help people tap into their creative abilities to become more innovative and engaged in their work. Clients include Fortune 100 companies and organizations throughout the world.