Should I Let My Team Work From Home?

I took this picture while I was working from home. I was being productive and focused, but also enjoying the company of my two dogs – a great benefit of being able to work remotely. Whether you approve or not, more and more people are working from home. The reality is, in this day and age, employees are aware that their work doesn’t need to be tied to a desk in an office from 9 to 5. If their job can be done online, there are serious advantages to allowing them to work from home, even for just one day per week. There are clear benefits but also unique challenges when employees work from home. Here are some thoughts and… Read more »

5 Good Ways to Build Team Spirit

What are some good ways to build team spirit? If you’ve found this page then you’re probably wondering. You may already know that team building is critical to your success. And you may already have team members who work well together. But even when all the basic ingredients are present, you have to take time to find ways to keep your team’s spirit positive. Teams that forge a common bond and that share positive experience work together better when things area going well; and when things are tough. So it’s a good idea to have ongoing ways to build team spirit so you can keep your group humming along. Here are some activities I’ve found to be effective. 1. Intrapreneurship, a… Read more »

Unusual Team Building Ideas Your Company Will Love

unusual team building ideas for corporate groups

You’ve done it all, the good, the bad and the okay. Your team loved the good ones, collectively agreed to forget the okay ones, and remain scarred by the bad ones. Now, you’re tasked with finding your company’s next event and you need to do something different. You want better than good, bad, or okay. You want a team building activity that will actually engage your team and bring them together. It’s not an impossible order! You just have to find the right activity. And that means it’s time to branch out. Here are some unusual team building ideas that will bring your team together in fun, interactive and productive ways. Flash Mob For those who missed that cultural moment,… Read more »