The Benefits of Team Building Events and Workshops

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If you’ve found yourself searching for the best ways to benefit your employees, you’re finally in the right place. I’m a big believer in the benefits of team building events and workshops. These activities can cultivate relationships, inspire, and help people discover their strengths and weaknesses.  Team building events can spice up the ordinary workday. We all start to get lost in a fog when we’ve been living in mundanity….

The Secret to High Energy Team Building Activities

Using music at an event for high energy team building

High energy team building activities don’t have to include aerobics, white water rafting or other sometimes challenging physical activities. Although those can be fun and productive, they’re not necessary for an engaging, energized team program. To create the energy that leads to a successful team building event you’ll want to include challenge, buy-in from participants, authenticity and success. These attributes all contribute to a great program – and a great…

Team Building Trends 2021

Virtual Webinar Performance

Put it back the way it was. Ah, if we only could. But, as I’ve been counseling clients for years now, the only thing truly constant is change. Organizations adept at meeting change thrive during periods of uncertainty. And since you’re reading this article about team building trends 2021, you must be part of an organization that wants to thrive! If your plans for team building went back burner during…

Why Is Team Building Important

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Why Is Team Building Important? If you’re considering a team building event you may be asking yourself this question. And if you’re not asking, you’ll probably be asked by your boss or a colleague. Regardless of whether you’re asking or have been asked, it makes sense to know the answer. Figuring out if something you’re going to put time and money into is important, (a/k/a valuable or worthwhile) is well…important!…

Remote Team Building Activities

Team Building On Zoom

For years, leading my crew and working with clients has been fueled by the fun and fire of face to face connection. So at first the idea of developing remote team building activities met with resistance, mostly my own!  Whether we’re talking about the camaraderie between myself and my fellow hit-songwriters, or the unbelievable bond that can be built in a Team Building Through Song® session with a client group,…

The Best Virtual Team Building Activities

the best virtual team building is interactive and live

What are the best virtual team building activities to help you feel connected? Given what’s going on in the world today, many of us are now seriously considering the value of virtual programs.  Is it worth it? Can online team programs deliver authentic experience and results? I believe the answer is yes. But the best virtual team building activities don’t grow on trees. You have to know what to look…

Online Team Building Activities

If not now, when? This is a time when online team building activities are vital. So many of us are working from home, feeling challenged in new ways. More than ever, we’re searching for connections, camaraderie and unity.  We’re thinking about meaning, looking for inspiration and imagining how we may need to reinvent ourselves. But it can get lonely, ruminating on our own. Remote work is here to stay. And…

10 Fun Team Building Ideas

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You look around your office. The mood is serious. Heads down, fingers flying over keyboards. Everyone is intensely focused on their own task, desks as lonely as islands in a sea of work. Do you see any smiling faces or any animated conversation?  If the answer is no, sound the alarms folks, because it looks like your office is in a fun slump. But don’t despair. You just need some…

5 Great Team Building Activities For A Small Group

music performing at team building activities for a small group

Your group of employees is small but mighty. Each team member is an integral piece in a tightly knit system of communication, collaboration, and creativity. When this small but mighty community is ready to reinforce connection and revitalize work flow, what are the best team building activities for a small group? Maybe you’re traveling away from home base for your corporate retreat, or you’re setting aside time right in your…

Should I Let My Team Work From Home?

The reality is, in this day and age, employees are aware that their work doesn’t need to be tied to a desk in an office from 9 to 5. If their job can be done online, there are serious advantages to allowing them to work from home, even for just one day per week. There are clear benefits but also unique challenges when employees work from home. Here are some thoughts and suggestions on how you can manage and optimize remote teams.