Much has been debated about CSR – corporate social responsibility. The debate is not about whether CSR is worthwhile. The debate’s about how it’s handled. Do companies walk the walk or just pay lip service to CSR? CSR team building can help integrate corporate social responsibility into your company culture. If you want to embark on a team building program to help bring the corporate social responsibility concept to life, the first step is to think about your CSR team building goals.

CSR Team Building Goals

I believe the most important of all CSR team building goals is to provide a program that enables your workforce to experience the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. Here’s a personal example. Several years ago my wife volunteered our entire family to deliver meals-on-wheels Thanksgiving morning. My two children and I complained that we couldn’t believe she had volunteered us to get up at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving and drive all over Nashville delivering meals. But this particular morning was transformative in the best way. As we knocked on doors with hot meals for people who really needed them we engaged in conversation, shared stories and provided comfort that made us all feel wonderful. As givers we received as much as the people we were helping. This activity became a family tradition we always looked forward to. And it led to a variety of family community service work that our children now participate in on their own.

  • Your CSR team building goals should start with experience that’s genuine and meaningful.
  • With those attributes as a cornerstone, you’ll build a culture of corporate social responsibility for your company.
  • That culture of community should extend into the personal lives of your workforce.
CSR team building goals

My own CSR team building

Kidbilly Music has a community giving program that’s an integral part of Team Building Through Song®. We enable our clients to support music and arts education in the public schools and make music with young people – an inspiring experience in and of itself. You can learn more here.

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