I’ve often shied away from using the term corporate team building. Strategically, I didn’t want to have less appeal to associations and non-profits that don’t fit the typical corporate team building mold. But honestly, corporate culture is where people work together closely, often in teams, with goals and project deadlines. The working relationships require team building so workers stay happy and engaged – engaged not only as individuals but as team members.

The Art of Work

When I’m at the piano writing a song, or immersed in a good book time zooms by. I’m in a state of contentment and animation, focused, and in the zone. When we’re creating we’re naturally engaged. The two go together. Creative team building will actually enable your workers to practice being in the zone together and give you tangible experience; a model from which to build on. There’s real value in this. A great read on the subject is the art of work. Imagine if your team could function at this level. Firing on all cylinders with the work day flying by. You’d be more creative and innovative. Your level of employee engagement would rise dramatically.

Corporate Team Building is Team Tuning

There are warning signs you can look to, in order to discern just how badly your company is in need of some corporate team building. But remember, this is an opportunity to improve, so grab it! Don’t just read the article and feel sorry for yourself. Embrace the challenge to get more of your team in the zone, firing on all cylinders, creating, debating, innovating and celebrating success.

  • Team building is really another term for a tune up
  • You tune up your car when it needs it, for obvious reasons…SO
  • Why wouldn’t you tune up your team?

About Billy Kirsch

Billy is a Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA & ACM award winning songwriter with numerous Top 10 hits to his credit. His team building programs and keynote speaking presentations help people tap into their creative abilities to become more innovative and engaged in their work. Clients include Fortune 100 companies and organizations throughout the world.