Corporate Event Ideas

Posted: Apr 25, 2013 by in Blog, Corporate Events

Coordinating an event for your team or business isn’t an easy task. In fact, taking the steps from informal brainstorming to planning and executing a company retreat or convention can be daunting. The first step is to decide you’re going to hold an event. Assuming you’ve done this, you need plans to ensure there will be ROI for your time and investment. To be successful you’ll need to find solid corporate event ideas you can bring to your event planning group.

Choosing A Theme Will Help

As a hit songwriter, I learned a long time ago that a hook (or theme) is very important. The hook is the the catchy thing, usually the song title, repeated in the chorus. While a theme is not required, if you come up with one it will provide a nice framework for planning the rest of your corporate event ideas. My friend, Anne Thornley-Brown wrote an article that might jump start your thinking process. Its all about finding themes for corporate events.

Cool Corporate Event Ideas

When I walk into a convention room and it has a theme, I’m immediately drawn in. I gave a speaking presentation in Montreux, Switzerland and the Alps dominated decor and activities. My company (Kidbilly Music)  provided music team building for a large corporate event in Tucson, AZ where cowboy boots, hats and shots of whiskey put everyone in the mood to play, as well as work. And when in Rome… You get the idea. Once you have a theme, lots of other great ideas will flow out of that.

corporate event ideas

This conference energizer was in Memphis. It’s not hard to find a theme.

Can You Measure the ROI?

If you want to impress the C-suite, show them this article about tools out there to measure the value of meetings. Even if you don’t use tools to measure your success, it’s vital to align your corporate event ideas with your organization’s goals. If you don’t have a clear idea of why you’re planning an event – don’t plan it!