5 Best Corporate Team Building Activities

Posted: Nov 27, 2012 by in Blog, Team Building

A client called last week and asked me to recommend a great corporate team building activity to follow up on the music team building we did for his company last year. I love repeat customers, but I also sincerely understand the desire to do something different. The most important thing for me is long term relationships and seeing my clients succeed in their goals.

The Pragmatic Dreamer

Many people consider me to be a dreamer and a risk taker. I consider myself to be pragmatic and fairly conservative when it comes to risk. You have to look below my surface to reconcile the outward image with the inward approach.

  • Outwardly: I’m a lifelong musician who opted for music studies and making music, rather than college. I’m a hit songwriter who spent years telling stories through music and making a great living at it. I’m a mid-life entrepreneur who got a crazy idea about a great corporate team building activity with music, and created a sustainable business around it.
  • Inwardly: I hesitate to make change and take risks so I do lots of research and consider the down side to every decision I make. I arm myself with knowledge and I seek the counsel of those more experienced than myself. I embark on long journeys equipped for the turbulence that will surely come. And I know that no matter how bad any given day is; tomorrow will bring a fresh sunrise. I always act ‘despite my fears’, rather than act to ‘avoid my fears’.
  • The Differences Reconciled: My desire to achieve overcomes my fear of failure. I mitigate risk but then I take the risk to achieve a desired goal. In short, I’m setting myself up to succeed.

Team Building as Catalyst

If you’re still reading this, thank you so much. Thanks for assuming my digression above would tie back into my introductory statement about the best corporate team building activities. And I hope to repay your patience now…

…Team Building succeeds only when your goals are aligned with the amount of time you’re willing to commit to the activity. If you view team building as a risk, then you need to mitigate the risk with planning. You need commitment to the follow up that will help you succeed.

A half day team building program can be a wonderful catalyst to change. It can boost engagement and set the tone for better team work, retention and efficiency. But real change requires sustained effort. I offer our team building program as a catalyst to change. So for me, the best corporate team building is provided by folks who know how to encourage, inspire and support your desire to improve your organization’s culture. If you’re willing to have that discussion, then these folks below will be great resources for you.

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  1. Vanessa Mumford

    Thanks for sharing this! Team building, I believe this is very important in every office and institution because this would help build every individual’s attitude and relationship towards each other for them to also have one goal – which is to succeed! 🙂