Phoenix Team Building Events

Posted: Oct 10, 2013 by in Blog, News

Whew! This is my first time back home for more then three days in a row in a while, and I’m finally catching up on my to-do list. We had a great Phoenix team building event with Honeywell Aerospace back in August and I’ve been wanting to share news about it. The Honeywell Aerospace Integrated Supply Chain doesn’t get a lot of PR.  Supply chain folks tend to be behind the scenes. But they’re the people who get it all done. It’s very rewarding to bring some fun and focus to people who spend a lot of time behind the scenes quietly doing their jobs.

Honeywell Aerospace Phoenix Team Building Goals

  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Exploring the challenges of a changing workforce
  • Celebrating the unique qualities and success of the supply chain group

This group of close to 300 participants wanted an entertaining and interactive conference energizer. They wanted to highlight engagement of their workforce, especially the younger team members, by providing an activity to help everyone feel ownership in their division’s mission. Most importantly for this group; they wanted to have fun and come away with something tangible, The Honeywell Song. Our Phoenix team building program was based around our client and their story. Our job was simply to help everyone engage – using music and a fast paced, sometimes humorous group brainstorm.

phoenix team building events

Honeywell Aerospace fully engaged!

Even with a group of this size, we cover the room getting everyone involved. In fact, at one point an entire table jumped up, grabbed the microphone and shouted, ‘We’re HR and you haven’t heard from us yet…’ The role of HR, of IT, of operations and the concerns of the C-suite all made it into this song. A genuine co-creation and a powerful representation of the role that supply chain has within the company.

Here’s a bit of the lyric from our Phoenix team building event.
Aerospace employees will blow your mind
Honeywell does it so fine
 It should be a crime
We do it well at Honeywell