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Team building can be fun or, quite frankly, can seriously suck. The difference between great team building activities and the “other ones” can vary based on your style and ideas but in general, following a basic formula for structuring a team building activity will help make sure your next activity doesn’t suck. And yes, we promise!

Keep Team Building Activities Fun

Fun may not be your only goal, but if it isn’t at least one of your goals, you might as well not have any goals. Placing fun prominently among your priorities can help make sure your attendees have a great experience—and leave with the right takeaways. From creating positive memories with team members to inspiring and invigorating individuals to return to work renewed and energized, keeping fun in your team building activities will go a long way to avoiding the “suck”.

Do Something Unique

Itching to exercise your songwriting abilities? Maybe not yet, but if you have never experienced team building through song, you are in for a treat. Making your team building activity unique by choosing a premise you have never experienced before will help inspire your entire team and help ensure your activity is amazing rather than sucky!

Get Everyone Up And Going

You could encourage your attendees to fill out cards, sit around a table discussing strategies or have them listen to so-called inspirational speakers all day—but they just might fall asleep. “Un-suck” your activity by choosing something that gets everyone up and out of their seats and engaged with the overall activity. Whether than means pulling them on stage for a song or getting outside for an exercise activity, keeping your attendees on their toes will keep the excitement in your activity.

Delight Your Audience

In our world, music is our inspiration and it brings joy and shared understanding to groups of all shapes and sizes. From the instruments to the collaboration, music team building delights our audiences. The same format may bring similar joy to your participants but you may also be inspired by other format as well. Perhaps an excursion into the great outdoors will delight your team members and inspire them to new heights. Either way, keeping the idea of delighting and inspiring your audience in the forefront of your mind will do a lot to help sidestep the pitfalls of a sucky event.

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