Co-creating Engaging Events

Posted: Sep 6, 2011 by in Blog, Employee Engagement

Wow – I wasn’t sure just how the program would work, although I knew it would work. How can I make that statement? How can I have made that statement to my client prior to our event? The answer is simple, Engagement.

Co-creating Events

My experience has taught me that groups we work with are highly engaged during our team building activities. Fun, music, laughter and creative challenge begs participation, even by those who are initially hesitant. And that’s why I’m often willing to dive into new experiences and to co-create events with clients, just as we co-create songs during our team building programs. As long as the bottom line is creative engagement, I know the details will work themselves out.

Teamwork, Tunework and Network

And so at Connect Marketplace in Chicago, as we got ready to facilitate a hybrid program I wasn’t nervous; but excited and curious. Several hundred people quickly formed small groups of between two to ten each, based solely on who they were standing next to. Each group had about forty-five minutes to create a song about their shared experience and to get to know one another along the way. Several weeks after this event, I still smile when I think of the energy, the enthusiasm and the networking that took place between several hundred strangers who quickly became friends.

The team building result speaks for itself, or rather – sings for itself!

2 Responses to “Co-creating Engaging Events”

  1. michael cardus

    Co-creation of events do increase engagement!
    I know what you are talking about, having the courage to place your own agenda aside and create a conversation with a group of people. This conversation is what creates the engagement.
    You are awesome!

  2. Billy Kirsch

    Thanks for the comment Michael. Co-creation is also fun for facilitators – it keeps everything new and thus exciting.