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Nashville Songwriting Session


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Song Lyric

Call the patient back, recline the chair
Calm them down, they don’t want to be here
How are you doing, are there any complaints
Please don’t tell me you’re flossing, ‘cause I see that you ain’t
Chorus: Up close and personal
Right from the start
Probing your mouth
Protecting your heart
Dental hygienists
We do more than you think
It’s more than just a cleaning
There’s an oral-systemic link

Palpating the nodes, feeling the neck
Open your mouth, do a thorough check
It won’t hurt, it’s just pressure, we use just the tip
You need pre-medication if you have a fake hip

Repeat Chorus:

Scale, polish, x-rays, fluoride and floss
Bass, fones and stillmans, I’m a preventive boss
Give them some samples, head out the door
Leave them with a smile that’s better than before

Repeat Chorus:

Bridge: Local anesthesia, debridement with lasers
Every state is different, lobbyists are game changers
Extending our range with ADHA
Working together, driving that change

Repeat Chorus: