Corporate Team Building Events in New York City

We recently led a corporate team building event at one of the Abigail Kirsch Catering locations in New York. Of all their locations, Pier 60 is my personal favorite for corporate team building events in New York City. Pier 60 overlooks the Hudson River. In fact it’s right on the river with spectacular views. I travel the US and the world facilitating my team building with music program. And I always try to find a local connection wherever we work. It’s fun to lean toward the blues in Chicago or country music in the south. And for New York…it’s such a melting pot that anything goes. Corporate Team Building Events – NYC Row New York offers corporate team building eventsContinue Reading

How You Know You Need A Team Builder

Bad day at work. Another bad day at work. Followed by a bad day at work. It could be a personal problem. Or it could mean your organization needs a team builder. We’re all aware of the momentum sports teams have. There’s an intangible confidence, creativity and energy when a team’s in the zone. And conversely, when a team needs a team builder, or a tune up, there’s a lack of confidence, creativity and energy. When A Team Builder When teams are performing at a high level, each team member functions well at his or her individual job, showing initiative and energy. Each person then partners with team members as everyone compliments and supports each other – the whole isContinue Reading

Team Building Ideas For Large Teams

It’s hard to find effective team building ideas for large teams. There are many tried and true corporate activities for small groups. But when you’re trying to find team building ideas for several hundred or more, the choices are few. It may appear that there are lots of choices. For example, a scavenger hunt is done a lot for large group team building. But I’m not a big fan of that or other similar programs that are really just an afternoon out on the town. If you’re going to invest time and resources in a program, then it should be engaging and meaningful for the majority of your large group. Team Building Ideas To Engage Large Groups When I’m onContinue Reading

Challenges In Corporate Team Building

“I hate team building!” That’s a comment I often hear and one of the foremost challenges in corporate team building. Other challenges in corporate team building relate to the activities themselves. But before you consider the activities you have to get past the I hate team building factor. Most people hate team building because they’ve been forced into uncomfortable activities or have simply been bored to death. Team building should be well facilitated by a dedicated professional. Yet it also should be co-created by everyone who takes part in the activity. You can get participant buy-in if you work with people and invite them into the process step by step. Here’s an example of team building you don’t have toContinue Reading

Chicago Team Building Programs

I got a call yesterday from an event planner on the west coast who was looking for Chicago team building programs with a corporate social responsibility component. I was surprised when she mentioned there weren’t too many choices that seemed dynamic and also incorporated CSR for Chicago team building. Of course I think my company’s program is kinda special, but it got me to thinking about what else is out there. Chicago Team Building Programs Team Building Through Song® is the center of my own work, and our new Chicago office is keeping us very busy. So of course, we’re here! But you need to consider several options in order to make an informed decision about team building. The WindyContinue Reading

Excellent Team Building Activities For The Workplace

Excellent team building activities for the workplace are programs that invite everyone to participate equally. Programs that spark unity and not mutiny are the way to go. My experience tells me that most people dread the thought of a team building day at work. Almost all of us have had uncomfortable experiences with team building activities in the workplace. But guess what? A good team building program should be non-threatening, inclusive and easy for everyone to participate in. My Favorite Team Building Activities For The Workplace My favorite programs are ones that work. I know that sounds broad, but sometimes when something works, it’s perfect. I’m less concerned with the specific program you choose for team building and more concernedContinue Reading

Activities For Team Building For Your Company

Activities for team building for your company fall into two overarching categories. Team building that you hire and team building activities you can do yourself. The link you just skipped over is a great article containing ideas you can facilitate yourself without leaving the office. I also some have some fun DIY ideas in my own Activities For Team Building For Your Company. You can research team building games on google and lots of ideas will come up. If you’re having fun, if you’re communicating and if you’re engaged that’s team building on a basic level. Facilitated Activities for Team Building for Your Company There are good reasons to hire a team building company with qualified facilitators to lead yourContinue Reading

CSR Team Building Goals

Much has been debated about CSR – corporate social responsibility. The debate is not about whether CSR is worthwhile. The debate’s about how it’s handled. Do companies walk the walk or just pay lip service to CSR? CSR team building can help integrate corporate social responsibility into your company culture. If you want to embark on a team building program to help bring the corporate social responsibility concept to life, the first step is to think about your CSR team building goals. CSR Team Building Goals I believe the most important of all CSR team building goals is to provide a program that enables your workforce to experience the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. Here’s a personal example.Continue Reading

Three Corporate Team Bonding Ideas

Here are three corporate team bonding ideas taken from my eBook, Every Day Team Building. But before I share the specific exercises with you I need to address terminology. Being a creative type, I’m not usually a literal kind of guy. And I often use the term team building and team bonding interchangeably. You know what? I’m going to continue to do so. But to explain the difference for those of you who love your terminology; Team Building refers to forming new teams and describes the process working groups go through, typically outlined as Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Team Bonding refers to groups that are already built and want to spend time together for a tune-up, to celebrate successContinue Reading

Keynote Presenters To Hire This Year

So you’ve been told it’s your job to research the keynote presenters to hire for this year’s event. It’s a big wide world out there; so where do you start? This article is a good place as it highlights some important things you need to know to ensure you’ll be successful in your search. Understanding your audience and your meeting objectives are crucial to matching the plethora of choices of keynote presenters to hire with your audience. Consider David Hutchens My friend David Hutchens is brilliant, and in an accessible and engaging way. I recently co-presented a speech with David at the ASTD International Conference. It was fun for us, and most importantly fun for the audience. But I useContinue Reading