how to prepare for music team building event
So you took the plunge and scheduled a music team building event for your group. First, congratulations–you will not be disappointed. Music team building events are exciting, fun and entertaining. We have yet to see a group not take away great memories and improved team dynamics. They’re really that awesome! However, if this is your first time having this type of event, we realize it can be a little intimidating. What should you expect? How do you prepare? Well, fear not music team building event newbie–we have you covered!


The most common concern new event attendees have is anxiety about performing in front of their peers. Especially for those who have relegated all singing activity to their car or shower, this type of activity can spark feelings of embarrassment, nervousness and even sheer terror on the part of the most introverted of people. Whether you’re just a little nervous or near full-blown anxiety, it is time to relax. You have nothing to worry about. Music team building events are not designed for professional performers but they have been purposely designed with all skill and interest levels in mind. (Translation: The worst singer on the planet will fit in just fine without embarrassment.) Keep in mind that the goal is to have a great team building experience so it wouldn’t be particularly helpful if anyone on the team had a bad experience.

Leave Work Behind

One of the greatest challenges in team building events is getting attendees to understand that the event itself is the “work” for the day. You are not and should not be responsible for completing any of those lingering tasks on your desk today. Your job today is to put all your attention, focus and energy into the event (which will also make it a better experience for everyone) so make sure to leave the rest of your work behind today. This also means don’t mention other work to anyone else at the event or feel like you have to get more done later in the day in order to meet your responsibilities.

Get Excited

While music team building events are designed with everyone in mind, it helps if you bring a positive attitude and energy to the program. But we know from experience that some people will show up with a bored expression and lackluster interest. That’s okay. Your job is to get everyone to the event, we’ll get them excited. Professional facilitators expect that people may be skittish at the beginning and are great at getting attendees to actively participate. In fact, part of the power of a great music team building event is experiencing the transformation from hesitancy and doubt to unbridled enthusiasm and fun.

Still concerned? That is OK. Feel free to ask your facilitators about any questions or concerns you have during the planning process and even when you arrive. They are also especially sensitive to ensuring everyone has a good experience and will be able to adjust to any serious issues you may have.

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